“Chosen Sons” by Post Death Soundtrack

This is the latest from the Vancouver electro-doom rock duo Post Death Soundtrack.

There are deep echos of Pink Floyd, Japanese 90s horror films and a distinct feeling that this track could swallow you whole if you let it.

It’s a bleak commentary on the twisting of ideals to suit the grim psychopathic ends of terror groups.  Steve Moore’s vocals bite with sarcasm and disgust while the music lifts and pounds and propels us through his aptly scathing commentary.  There’s nothing safe about this music, but then that’s perfectly fitting.  This is doom metal after all.

Is it fitting to say I liked it?  Not sure. But I certainly appreciated the boldness of it, the harshness of it, the cinematic soundscape of it.  What’s the point of anything at all unless we can scream out every now and then.  This is a scream, it’s a punch into the darkness of our, at times, very nasty world.  It’s powerful and melodic and searing, a shock to the oh so safe system.  “Chosen Sons” is dramatic and glistening, musically it’s a rather nice blend of space monster and dark, dank alley with a generous sprinkling of impending doom. Interested to hear more from them!

Watch the “Chosen Sons” music video on Youtube.

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Post Death Soundtrack is Jon Ireson and Steve Moore