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Charter Your Own Group Bus Tour of the Los Angeles Art Scene

Many say that LA is the city of dreams. And, true to this very name, the city is a place brimming and teeming with talent.

Even a tiny stroll through any LA avenue would prove that the Hollywood coast has more than celebrity sightings and beaches to offer to its visitors. You can get a glimpse into the world of human struggles, aspirations, ambitions, and success – all of it portrayed vividly through its art. But, before you get lost in the land of creation, you need to hold on to your rationale and take care of the planning of the trip. The first checkpoint on your list should be to plan the transportation. One good idea would be to charter a Los Angeles tour bus. This will not only make sure that the trip is comfortable but get rid of any and all coordination issues. You can leave the worrying about traffic and routes to the experienced drivers and just go about planning the rest of the details. But in case you have no idea how to actually do that, here are some pointers that will help you out along the way:


Planning your transportation

The important part of any tour is transportation. In fact, the journey starts the moment you board the bus and settle into your seats. A comfortable ride can make the scene outside the window way more enjoyable. But why opt for a bus when there are cars available? If you are a small group of say, 4 people, then a car is the sensible answer.But, for larger groups, a bus that than can easily seat 30-50 people without compromising on leg or carriage space can make things easier for everyone.

If you have never been to Los Angeles before, the professional driver can take care of the routes and pit stops instead of you having to worry about it. And, just in case you lot decide to turn this trip into a boozy one, no one would be forced to be the designated driver to ensure everyone is safe. Once the transportation part is sorted out, you can go about listing the places you want to visit. Here are some of our favorites:

Must see museums

The popularity of the culture and art scene of Los Angeles has made the authorities design free museum days for their tourists. But no amount of fee should prevent you from visiting some of the notable and iconic museums to learn more about the dreamers’ land. A few places you can highlight are:

  • Getty Center which is the highlight of European art. The place is tucked into the heart of nature so the art and the greenery both will be vying for your attention.
  • Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) is free on Sundays and it is a must-visit if you want to enjoy contemporary Latin American artists’ creations and visions.
  • Nethercutt Collection will satiate and at the same time stroke the passion of vintage cars in any car lover. With around 130 vintage models, you can surely spend hours staring at these breathtaking works of art.

Indie galleries and installations

Art can emerge from unexpected places and if you are looking for inspiration then you can check out these sites:

  • Matthew Brown Los Angeles
  • Parker Gallery
  • Murmurs
  • AA LA

Touring graffiti enclaves

If you are in Los Angeles and art is your passion, then you have to check out Historic Filipino town, which is a rundown area that boasts of some awe-inspiring graffiti. This area got a makeover by many local and international artists who showed the power of art over war or despair.

If you are in LA and have not checked out some of its iconic architectures, you are missing out on all things art. Not all artists have created canvas strokes, some have erected monuments to last a lifetime. So, after a snack and tea, end your day with a trip to places like Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Broad, Theme Building at LAX and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

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