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Center Your Lifestyle with These Three Feng Shui Principles

Center Your Lifestyle with These Three Feng Shui Principles

You probably haven’t heard the term “feng shui” in quite some time; however, the ancient Chinese art of discovering harmony through organizing one’s living space is perhaps more relevant than ever.

The principles of feng shui are straightforward yet often misunderstood. In short, the concept of feng shui represents:

  • Adjusting one’s home environment to nurture peace versus stress
  • Creating a simpler living space that brings forth a sense of calmness and ultimately makes one’s day-to-day lives easier to manage
  • Emphasizing certain structures and design patterns within the home as a means of achieving serenity and symmetry

Naturally, we strive for a more centered, peaceful living space; however, achieving such a home is much easier said than done. If you’re looking to create a calmer home but aren’t sure where to start, consider how you can quickly apply the principles of feng shui to your home.

Safety and Security

Establishing a sense of safety within the home is one of the cornerstones of contemporary feng shui. While we may naturally think of locks and bolts as a mean of becoming more secure, consider instead how the common items in your home can help you feel safer.

For example, feng shui discourages furniture and items with rough or unsightly edges; likewise, decorations that cast shadows or constantly flutter can serve as subconscious disruptions to our peace. On a similar note, if one invests in furniture or home items that are potentially unstable (think: something that could fall from the wall or ceiling), one cannot truly feel safe at all times.

For this reason, consider the essentials of your home and invest in high quality furniture that you know won’t break down. Sturdier materials will last longer and give you peace of mind.

Clean the Clutter

Eliminating clutter is crucial to centering oneself, as physical possessions not only disrupt of the cleanliness of the home but also take an emotional toll on those who put too much stock in them. For starters, take into the account the multiple strategies for eliminating clutter including:

  • Categorizing items by “wants” versus “needs,” and determining what truly gets used within the home and what doesn’t
  • Using a sticker system to declutter, determining how often household items get used and ridding yourself of whatever doesn’t get used on a weekly basis
  • Eliminate one item from the home per day, either going room by room or item by item to slowly declutter over time

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to decluttering; however, it’s a process that’s absolutely crucial to achieving a sense of serenity within the home.

Embracing Nature

Bringing oneself closer to nature is a tried and tested means of finding inner peace; therefore, consider ways you can bring the great outdoors into the home. Whether through allowing more natural lighting indoors, or investing in natural plants that purify the air, don’t forget the impact that nature can have on your space. Likewise, organic fixtures such as indoor waterfalls and fireplaces can also give your space a sense of liveliness.

At its core, feng shui represents a pursuit of peace within the home. If you’re looking to embrace the classic principles of the feng shui lifestyle, start with small changes and see where your journey ultimately takes you.