Carrie Bradshaw in 2016: updating that iconic tutu

Carrie Bradshaw in 2016: updating that iconic tutu

Almost 20 years after its debut, Sex and the City still holds a unique place in the hearts of fans and fashionistas. But recently it’s also been subject to some much needed feminist critique.

Whilst the unashamed focus on female issues and womanhood remains noteworthy, a worrying reliance on stereotypes and cliché raises plenty of problems for the hit HBO show. And the biggest one of all – the tiresome protagonist Carrie Bradshaw.

Besides the fact that her column swings from saying nothing at all to making borderline offensive statements about sexuality and gender, she’s simply a bad role model. Chaotic finances, dependency issues and an utterly selfish friend – the list of annoying qualities is endless.

Character glitches aside, the one thing Sex and the City got undoubtedly right is the style. Carrie remains a poster girl of fashion forwardness. That’s why we decided to update one of her most iconic looks, and when it came to making a choice there was no competition for that pink tutu.

The clothes

With Carrie dreamily bobbing her way down a hectic New York street, the programmes opening sequence is enchanting. The vintage tutu and basic pink vest was a simple but whimsical look that’s since spawned hundreds of Halloween copycats.

Translating it for 2016 is surprisingly easy. This season’s focus on A-line shapes and midi lengths means there are plenty of options, and the 2 in 1 dress that’s currently crowding the high street is the easiest to wear.

To really emulate Carrie’s confident sense of style, go for bold floral prints or monochrome stripes for the skirt. Up top, stick to a camisole shape for an on-trend laidback twist.

The hair

If Carrie had ended up joining the army of Stranger Things fans, she might have kept the perm and channelled some Nancy-esque waves. But let’s face it, she’d be probably far too busy grabbing an Uber to the latest runway show to keep maintaining all that hair.

Instead, she’d have been much more likely to rock a wet hair look loved by current catwalk stylists and popularised by Kim Kardashian. It’s still edgy and distinctive, but wearable enough for an evening on the town.

The manicure

If there’s a trend of recent years Carrie would be guaranteed to love, it’s the quirkiness of nail art. To keep her accessories relevant, she’d willingly swap her cheap-and-cheerful hoop earrings for a signature metallic leopard print nail.

She’d definitely be the one updating her manicure on a weekly basis, and desperately trying to convince Charlotte to swap her French tips for something more adventurous.

There are so many iconic fashion moments from Sex and the City begging to be revamped for 2016. Have a little fun with your next night out and try recreating one yourself.