Caroline McElroy’s “Mind Frames” Exhibit

Caroline McElroy “Mind Frames”
Caroline McElroy “Mind Frames”

Caroline McElroy’s “Mind Frames” exhibit is an art show dedicated to Lujauna Corn – “a lifelong friend and my biggest fan.”

Take a walk through Caroline McElroy’s “MIND Frames” exhibit at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony. This journey is overflowing with images, words, feelings, and heart.  A mixture of materials to view and read;  textures that enhance our senses;  and a story that many of us have been a part of.  

From the Beatles to Buddha, the work has been created over the course of our common isolation and reflection.  This exhibit of 12 creations may be considered small,  but its message is universal.   Our lives are a collage of time, space, and perspective.   Caroline combines these elements to create imagery that provokes our own memories as we peer into the depths of our life experiences.

Caroline McElroy is a writer and artist living in the NoHo Arts District

About Caroline McElroy

I began the art of crafting collages as a teenager when an art class assigned one. I enjoyed it so much that I collaged furniture in my room, a wall in my bedroom and “trip” rooms. 

The Smithsonian defines collaging as a form of sculpture which I took to heart as my first paying gig as an artist was for Duffy of California who was a well-known junk sculptor at the time. I still own two pieces from that era. 

I also hung out and observed Vito (Frank Zappa’s friend and co-hort) in his sculpting workshop in Hollywood by the Reddi Whip company. 

I always took art classes while in junior high, high school and college and enjoy collaging the best. My pieces are made from recycled bags, magazines, books, concert programs that I have curated over the years as I travel around. I am always on the lookout for interesting magazines and special issues of magazines to make interesting collages. 

I worked with Joel Wachs here in Los Angeles prior to his moving to New York and becoming the President of The Andy Warhol Foundation for The Visual Arts. 

My selection for this show features seven new pieces that span from my Buddhist beliefs, domestic violence, UFOs to The Beatles’ frontman John Lennon. 

The Lennon collage was commissioned by a friend in New Mexico that was born in Roswell, New Mexico. Her name is Lajuana Corn and she passed away before it was done being cured. I am dedicating this show in her honor because she was always my biggest fan since high school. 

Caroline McElroy “Mind Frames”
Caroline McElroy’s “Mind Frames”

There are a few old favorites that I use as demonstrators. The John Lennon collage with the peace sign over his head is called “Imagine Peace” and is the one that the CEO for the NEA visited and loved. The other favorite is the one of the Dalai Lama that is constructed from old “Life” magazines when he fled Tibet for his life because of the Chinese government and sought sanctuary in India. Not too many other religious leaders have had to do that. 

“Buddha Rising” one and two have returned to commemorate the bombing of ancient statues of Buddha in Afghanistan by the Taliban.


Caroline McElroy’s “Mind Frames” exhibit.


NoHo Senior Arts Colony –  Main Lobby
10747 W. Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601


September 6 through October 31, 2021

Daily: 10am – 6pm