CarnyMusic – CarnyMusic EP

These songs evoke a kind of ageless Americana spinning with epic vistas of dust, tumbleweeds, broken down, desolate towns and distant mountains.

It’s intimate and inclusive at the same time.  Like a man to tired to keep his own secrets.

The songs are all performed by Mike Carnahan, lead singer of the western-psych band The Green Door.  With this self-produced project, Carnahan goes out on his own both literally and figuratively.  It really feels like a solo project. You get the sense that Carnahan is sharing something here he urgently needed to.  The way the songs are crafted, the howling empty guitars, the distortion, the reverb…it all feels very dreamlike and confessional.

There’s more than a little folk influence, a Ry Cooder kind of melancholy, a rich sense of self and atmosphere.  It’s very moody and boldly specific.  You feel as if you are there with him, in some dusty barn, old amps humming and electricity filling the air.

Carnahan is an accomplished songwriter.

He has crafted each track with care and they each tell their story, none of them that we haven’t heard before, but they tell it beautifully and truthfully and without apology.  It’s lovely to hear the honesty in Carnahan’s words and the truth in his delivery.

As his fingers slide along the neck of his guitar, his voice is slightly removed from the warmth of it.  He gives the instrument center stage and accompanies the strange tones and manipulated feedback like an alien message from beyond.  Actually, perhaps this dusty barn is somewhere up in space- some long forgotten ship humming through the universe looking for another frontier to play to.  A mythological, rock/folk space soundtrack.

These songs are modern and they are ancient.  They are familiar memories wrapped in warped heartbreaking movements of sound…loved it!

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