Canvas At NoHo Adds Quality Homes To The NoHo Arts District

Canvas At NoHo Adds Quality Homes To The NoHo Arts District

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – Coe Real Estate Group is proud to announce their latest new construction community for sale – Canvas at NoHo. A nine-unit, small lot subdivision, single family home community, Canvas at NoHo brings beautifully designed crafted homes to the already vibrant NoHo Arts District. 

Canvas at NoHo Grand Opening:

August 12 + 13

This weekend, the Coe Real Estate Group is proud to present a new, nine-home development, Canvas at NoHo, to the Arts District community during its grand opening event. From 11 am to 6 pm this Saturday and Sunday, Canvas at NoHo will be open to public tours with fresh food and refreshments on site. On Sunday, painter Avi Boyko (@avithebarfly) will create a specially commissioned piece that will be displayed on the property moving forward. At Canvas, ‘home’ is just another word for ‘art’.

This project is ideally located mere blocks away from the inspiring NoHo Arts District, which is home to more than 20 professional theaters, dance studios, art galleries, music recording venues, quality dining options, and specialty shops. The NoHo Arts District is the creative heart of North Hollywood and the epicenter for those who want to be immersed in the arts. 

Canvas At NoHo Adds Quality Homes To The NoHo Arts District

Recognizing an opportunity to help address the area’s homeownership demand, Canvas’ developers found a suitable parcel of land in the district’s northwest corner and began the construction process. The result of that long road is nine brand-new single family homes, where only two stood before.

“A huge motivating factor for us in building these homes is providing buyers an opportunity to generate equity, but more importantly, a space they can mold into reflections of their lives and journeys. If we’re creating the canvas, they’re providing the brush,” said developer Devin Stevens. 

Canvas At NoHo Adds Quality Homes To The NoHo Arts District

Another important factor that came into play was affordability and financing for this style of home versus other options. As the project’s preferred lender, James McKibban said:  “Because they technically qualify as single family homes, we have a wider range of financing options available to buyers than if these were condominiums or townhomes. With high interest rates still affecting buying power right now, every advantage is helpful.”

The community’s location provides immediate access to North Hollywood’s thriving artistic center and is conveniently located to Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Hollywood and Burbank. Moreover, Canvas at NoHo is a 6-minute walk to the North Hollywood Red Line/Orange Line LA Metro station, giving people the choice between either dealing with LA traffic to get around, or hopping onto the Metro only minutes away.

Besides providing much needed housing in the NoHo arts district area, the sale of these homes will also provide much-needed support to a local charity. “Our belief is that we can do well while doing good in the community. For each of these vibrant homes that gets sold, we will donate a portion of our commissions to Hands 4 Hope LA, a NoHo based charity that provides after-school programs in the arts for local families,” said listing Realtor David Coe.

These sleek, modern homes reflect North Hollywood’s creative vibrancy, while providing quiet tranquility to enjoy life, rather than simply exist. Every home is a palette to shape and shade the moments of your life, coloring your memories for years to come. At Canvas, “home” is just another word for “art”.

Canvas At NoHo Adds Quality Homes To The NoHo Arts District

And we can’t wait to see what will be created.

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