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Can We Still Have Fun During the Pandemic?


Can we still have fun during the pandemic? Of course! We just have to be a bit more creative.

Meet, Brendan Milove, creator of PadPlayGames.com, online trivia games just for you. He’s taken the trivia game online so we can escape the grueling daily life living in a pandemic. Our tip for handling Corona? Find and add more fun in our lives.

Pad Play Games has launched Quarantine Quiz, a weekly trivia game that features prizes from local NoHo restaurants and bars. So grab a drink, gather your team of up to 6 players and study up for an unforgettable night of social distanced fun to prove how smart/pretty you are and win BIG prizes to NoHo businesses!

Pad Play's Quarantine Quiz via www.nohoartsdistrict.com

WHEN: Thursdays at 7PM


Tell us a bit about your background?

I’m originally from San Diego and got a BFA in Theatre Performance at the University of Colorado. I spent a bit of time in New York as well before moving out to the amazing North Hollywood! I’ve been producing my own sketch shows, improv shows, online comedy with my group the Swell Boys, and more for quite some time. I was a big game show and Survivor fan growing up.

How did you get started in the world of trivia?

I had been hosting trivia nights for a few years and was always thinking of fun competitions for my friends and family. I also host an online, comedic, social-deduction game show on a Twitch channel called Hyper RPG called Spy Island every Wednesday Night so I feel right at home hosting game shows in front of a camera.

How did you come up with the name Pad Play?

I’m a sucker for alliteration and I wanted a quick way to get across the idea of online games that you can play from your home. Play games from your Pad. Pad Play. Boom!

How does online trivia work?

Just grab a team, join the video call, and assign one player to submit their answers via an online form. I’ll ask the questions, and your team will be automatically sent to your own private room so you can talk about the answers with your teammates, just like you would at a bar!

Any tips, tricks to be a winning team?

My advice is to put together a team with a wide, diverse knowledge base. Figure out what you and your teammates are not too knowledgeable about and invite someone based on that. 5 players who are great with science, movies, and geography might not know what injured Dodger hit a game winning home run in the 1998 World Series.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The other thing I’ve done during quarantine is I gathered 87 friends to each recreate one minute of Taken, starring Liam Neeson: I call it…”QuaranTaken.” 

I run private events for companies, charities, schools and more. You can find more info at PadPlayGames.com or emailing me at PadPlayGames@gmail.com

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