Can Garlic Be Deadly To Dogs?

Garlic is one of the ingredients that are bad for dogs. Well, at least that’s what most people say.
Garlic is one of the ingredients that are bad for dogs. Well, at least that’s what most people say.

Making your own dog food or adding healthy and natural ingredients to your dog’s kibble is a great way to boost their health and ensure they live a long and happy life. And if you’ve been experimenting with making dog food, you probably have a rough idea of what ingredients are good and what ingredients are bad.

Garlic is one of the ingredients that are bad for dogs. Well, at least that’s what most people say.

However, there are a fair amount of articles out there that also say that garlic can also have a couple of health benefits for your dog, especially if fed in proper amounts. So, which articles are telling the truth?

Well, the answer is pretty complicated. While there is some evidence that garlic has health benefits for dogs, numerous articles point out that garlic and other members of the allium family contain a toxic substance that can damage your dog’s red blood cells.

In this guide, we’ll be getting into the details of garlic and why it can be dangerous for your dog, and find out how dangerous it can be. By the end of our guide, you’ll know all the risks of feeding garlic to your dog and whether or not it can be fatal for your pet.

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Why Is Garlic Bad for Dogs?

The main reason people say garlic is bad for dogs is a compound known as n-propyl disulfide. This is a substance that’s toxic for dogs because it can damage their red blood cells. The red blood cells are responsible for oxygenating the blood and removing carbon dioxide, so they are vital for proper bodily functions.

N-propyl disulfide is present in garlic and all other members of the allium family. So, this includes onions, shallots, chives, and a bunch of other herbs you might find in your kitchen.

Is Garlic Fatal For Dogs?

When dogs eat too much garlic they might experience garlic poisoning. This is a common reason why a dog is brought to the vet and it can seem very scary. If your dog eats too much garlic, it can start vomiting, feeling lethargic, experiencing diarrhea, among many other things.

So, can it be fatal? Most of the time, garlic poisoning is not fatal for dogs. In fact, fatal garlic poisoning is very rare so it isn’t something you need to worry about. However, in severe cases, your dog might develop hemolytic anemia, which is a serious condition that needs to be treated.

Are There Any Benefits To Feeding Your Dog Garlic?

While garlic is generally unsafe for dogs, there are some people who claim that in proper doses, it can actually offer some benefits. It’s a common story amongst dog owners that garlic can prevent fleas and ticks, but the studies on this haven’t given us anything conclusive just yet.

However, garlic could potentially have the same benefits for dogs as they do for humans. So, for example, garlic could potentially lower cholesterol levels which is crucial for your dog’s health, especially if they are overweight or obese.

With that in mind, you might want to start considering feeding small amounts of raw garlic to your dog. However, keep in mind that garlic can still be bad for your pet, especially if you give them the wrong type or the wrong dosage. So, if you’re considering feeding your dog garlic, always consult your vet first and follow their advice.

Are Some Dogs More Susceptible to Garlic Poisoning Than Others?

While there haven’t been any definitive studies on this, there are some people that report that Japanese dog breeds such as the Akita and Spitz are more susceptible to garlic poisoning. The Shiba Inu and Chin dogs are also known to be more sensitive to garlic poisoning, so make sure that if you have any of these dog breeds that they stay away from garlic as much as possible.

Conclusion: What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Garlic?

So, now that you know the risks of feeding garlic to your dog, what do you do if you catch your dog eating garlic in your kitchen?

Well, to start, you have to get the garlic away from them as much as possible. Make sure they stop eating it and keep the rest of the garlic well out of their reach. From there, you can start observing your dog. There’s a chance your dog might exhibit symptoms after eating garlic such as vomiting and lethargy.

If they start exhibiting symptoms, call your vet immediately as they will know what to do. Additionally, make sure to observe your dog for at least 24 hours, as it might take some time for the garlic poisoning to start showing.