Can Casino Interior Be Considered an Art?

Can Casino Interior Be Considered an Art?
Can Casino Interior Be Considered an Art?

Land based casinos are well known for being glamorous venues with opulent lighting, beautiful decor and seating and lounge areas are given a truly luxurious feel. Visiting a land based casino brings with it a sense of occasion, usually you will find that guests often dress in formal attire to match the venue’s grandeur. 

While online casino gaming sites such as those listed on are great fun for players wanting to enjoy games from the comfort and convenience of their own home, land based casinos have an atmosphere that cannot be replicated over the internet.

A lot of work goes into the design of a casino’s interior, experienced design teams are bought in to transform the space. The biggest casinos have budgets that extend into the millions for refitting and upgrading their internal features. There are various casinos across the world known for their luxurious décor and gaming spaces, including: 

  • The Venetian, Macau
  • Bellagio, Las Vegas
  • Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

With many popular casinos known for their lavish settings, the main question is, can casino interior design be considered a form of art?

Art displays are common in luxury casino venues.

The Hippodrome Casino – London

The Hippodrome Casino in London, United Kingdom, is one example of a venue that uses careful lighting and video displays to create an interesting and interactive experience for customers. The Hippodrome in the West End is the biggest casino in the country and receives millions of visitors each year.

It has multiple casino floors, a cabaret theatre, six bars and a fine dining steak house. In 2013, Thomas D Gray and his associates were appointed as the casino’s resident design team. 

Part of their installation is a 57 screen video art install in the Atrium Casino. It included contemporary dancers, sharks, come alive still paintings and neon magic. In the basement is Lola’s casino, where there an art installation included a series of ghosts appearing in the alleyways, mirrors, and stairwell areas as hologram-like graphics. 

The Hippodrome also gives artists around the United Kingdom the opportunity to showcase their work through The Hippodrome Art Competition. In the brief, artists are tasked with creating a piece that captures the history and spirit of the venue, they get the chance to put their work on display at the Hippodrome.

There is a total prize fund of £6,500 for this competition, which is distributed between the first, second and third place winners. Investing in new artwork keeps the interior displays at the venue fresh and interesting. 

Hard Rock Casino – Atlantic City

Similarly, the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City also displays artwork. This venue even has an art gallery on one of its floors.

The Wentworth Gallery is famous for its pop art collection and rock themed pieces. The casino itself embodies the Hard Rock brand in its decor, all Hard Rock venues display different memorabilia that is rotated to give a new look. 

However, while a lot goes into the design of casinos like The Hippodrome and The Hard Rock casino, casino interiors are often designed with intentions beyond displaying great art.

There are psychological design theories that look at how design and art impacts customer mood and behaviour. The big lavish décor we see in all casino venues can often persuade players to spend more time and money there.

The venue looks exclusive and expensive, giving the customer the feeling that there is a lot to win, and that spending money is an expectation there. Other features such as no windows, wide open spaces, ambient music, temperature, and good smells can also persuade players to take their time in casinos.

For example, the lack of windows prevents customers from seeing the passing of time as it begins to get lighter or darker outside. This means they are less likely to be distracted by the sense they need to leave.

It is logical that a customer would want to send more time somewhere that is comfortable and inviting. Lounge areas and bars give players the chance to stop for a break or for refreshments, meaning they are less likely to leave the venue in search of these things. The experience of an evening out is all under one roof.

Chandeliers, water features and rich colours and textures help to convey glamour and luxury, giving the customer a sense of occasion. On a special occasion, the player is more likely to relax and spend their money more freely. 

So, can casino interiors be considered art? Given their impressive level of finish and all the work that goes into the design and feel of the space, many would consider this an art. It is art with intention however, the intention to raise casino revenues and create a space customers’ want to stay and play casino games in.