Bye Blastoff Comics

We are really proud of our NoHo Arts District businesses that are unique, independently owned, and actually care about the neighborhood they call home, the one that supports them.

UPDATE: YES! Hooray! Some great news for the neighborhood! Blastoff Comics Welcomes Collector’s Paradise to #NoHo! 

Over the years we have grown to admire and learn about comics from our friends Blastoff Comics. But what makes them such a gem in the NoHo arts community is not only their dedication to the comics art form but also to charitable giving. They donate proceeds to a different non profit every month. Blastoff Comics is an example of a NoHo business that is locally owned, experts in their field, and simply kind. We could only hope that more North Hollywood businesses would be as community focused as Blastoff Comics has been. So it is with a heart filled with sadness but hope that Blastoff Comics will be closing their doors at the end of July.

“A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.” – The Vision, Avengers: Age of Ultron

Why? Here’s a letter from our friends.

Opportunities arose that could not be passed up, and with Jud’s recent move to San Diego to take on the role of Director of Sales at IDW Publishing, the realities of operating the store remotely simply weren’t feasible. Jud has always been the beating heart of the store, and with the departure of our faithful manager Chriss on the horizon as well, rather than allowing the store to languish in unfamiliar hands, we have decided to leave the stage instead.

It has been a marvelous and miraculous seven years with you all. We’ve served an entire city of families, spread the gospel of comics to local schools and libraries, donated tens of thousands of dollars and an unending supply of comic books to dozens of charitable organizations, and we’ve built reading rooms at hospitals and brought joy to sick children all over the country. We don’t regret a single second of it.

For our subscribers, we ask that you please come in and pick up your comics as soon as possible, and please note that as of next week, Wednesday, June 26, we will no longer be receiving new books.

And now for the fun part. For the next six weeks, we’ll be executing our largest sale ever, with selected trades and hardcovers 60% off, all new comics 50% off, all remaining trade paperbacks and hardcovers 40% off, and all vintage comics, statuary and wall art 30% off. We hope you’ll come in, pick up those books or pieces you’ve always had your eye on, and celebrate our time together with a few more visits.

Thank you for your fellowship and your support. It has been a privilege to be among you.

Jud Meyers & Scott Tipton

Wishing you lots of happiness and Marvel-eous moments. 

We can only hope and press that more unique, independent and creative businesses continue to make the NoHo Arts District their home. 


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