Built-In Grill Ideas for Your Backyard

Built-In Grill Ideas for Your Backyard
Built-In Grill Ideas for Your Backyard via https://rtaoutdoorliving.com/coyote-grills-reviews/

There are few things more enjoyable than a backyard barbecue, at least for all of the guests. For outdoor chefs, though, it’s not always all fun and games. The wrong outdoor kitchen setup or grill choice can make what would otherwise be a thoroughly enjoyable hosting experience into a nightmare.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen with a carefully chosen built-in grill, on the other hand, can make one of just about every summer party host’s favorite activities even more enjoyable. This article will offer some insight into built-in grill ideas to consider before finalizing an outdoor kitchen design.

The Importance of Quality Products

Before getting into grill sizing, accessories, and placement, it’s worth mentioning the importance of purchasing quality products. There is little point in designing the perfect outdoor cooking and dining space, then purchasing a grill that will need to be replaced within a few years of completing the project. Homeowners looking to find that sweet spot between quality and affordability should check out this overview of Coyote grills, but there are plenty of options for any outdoor kitchen.

Built-In Grill Sizing

As the name implies, built-in grills need to be incorporated into the surrounding kitchens or counters, which means the rest of the space must be customized to fit the grill. Switching up sizing after the kitchen has already been built is much more expensive than going out and buying a different portable grill. Here’s what to consider when choosing a grill size:

  • The available space

The typical number of people chefs are cooking for

The maximum number of people who might attend a cookout

Whether there will be additional cooking surfaces and appliances like griddles and pizza ovens

Just keep in mind that even if space is at a minimum, it’s not wise to cut corners on grill size. Instead, consider doing away with unnecessary accessories or incorporating under-counter storage, fold-out counters for extra space, and separating the cooking area from the dining area to give the chef some extra room to work.

Built-In Grill Placement

An outdoor kitchen’s grill is arguably its most essential component, so most homeowners determine built-in grill placement during the earliest stages of design. Homeowners who like to be right at the center of the action while they grill may want to place these appliances close to where people will be sitting and socializing. Those who like to maintain some distance can use creative design ideas like built-in grill islands that face towards the dining area to put extra space between themselves and their guests.

To create more intimate settings, consider building the grill into a bar island. This approach offers chefs a convenient place to prepare food while socializing with their family and friends. Plus, bar islands are a good fit for outdoor kitchens of any size.

Upgrades and Accessories

One of the great things about built-in grills is that higher-end models come with all kinds of upgrades. Homeowners who have the extra space and room in their budget may want to consider:

Drop-in griddles

Rotisserie kits

Charcoal trays

And more

A Grill for Every Yard

Even if there’s not enough room for a full-sized outdoor kitchen, there’s no such thing as a yard that can’t accommodate a built-in grill. Homeowners with smaller yards just need to determine their priorities first, and those with strict budgets can often find ways to change designs to accommodate them instead of going for lower-quality appliances and materials. Don’t be afraid to get creative.