BMX Goonies

BMX Goonies
A Q&A with BMX Goonies, riding, exploring and adventuring in L.A.

A Q&A with BMX Goonies, riding, exploring and adventuring in L.A.

The unofficial NoHo motto is: “NoHo is only as great as its people.” This fall we are highlighting some of our awesome creative neighbors. This week features BMX Goonies, a group of folks on bikes, BMX in particular, exploring our city every Wednesday.

We asked BMX Goonies co-founder Stan Nuñez some questions so you too can hop on a bike and have an adventure with some new pals.

So what is BMX Goonies? 

BMX Goonies is a crew of BMX riders who enjoy cruising around town as a group. We try to make each ride fun with different routes and new destinations to add to the adventure. The majority of us have been riding BMX since we were kids so we try to keep that nostalgia of a simpler time before cell phones and social media. We love to go outside and play!

BMX Goonies are a brotherhood of good people who love to ride. Our motto is “Never Say Die,” which means… Live your life in fun and in good health. 

BMX Goonies

Why did you start the group? 

We wanted to ride! We had heard about bike rides with guys on fixies and road bikes but we were into BMX! It was rare to see BMX on the streets in 2011. So when a few of us started riding every week, people loved what we were doing and more people gradually started joining us. 

Do you have to have a BMX to ride? Is there an age requirement? 

Any type of bike is welcomed to join our ride but, to be officially from our crew we prefer you to have a BMX. There is no age requirement – all ages welcome!

What’s your route? 

There’s no set route. We change up the route every week. We alternate riding out of NoHo Subway Station and Balboa Park Metro Station. Our destination for each ride is to a good place to eat, hangout and socialize.

What can folks expect during a ride? 

First off, we start with a group photo. Expect a Goonies Adventure! Our rides are typically faster paced so expect a little bit of a work out. We ride some uphill but some good downhill action too. We take a break at the halfway point at the best food spots so bring your appetite. We ride through different neighborhoods and cities so be prepared to see it all like you’ve never seen them before. Also, expect to hang out with a group of positive and fun people. 

What do you like about the NoHo Arts District? 

To many of us, it’s home. Most of us grew up in this area so it’s nice to be in a familiar place. NoHo has changed for the good since we were kids, it has some real cool artsy places and great spots to eat. 

BMX Goonies

What would you like to see more of in the NoHo Arts District? 

We would love to see more murals, especially murals of bike riding to raise health awareness, lifestyle and culture.  Art plays a big role in our crew from designing our logos, fliers, t-shirts and murals. We have artists in our crew that have painted murals in other cities but never have been able to paint in our hometown so we’d love to paint something in NoHo.

Life’s an adventure… but it’s a lot funner when it’s a Goonies adventure! Let’s ride!

BMX Goonies

Make sure to follow BMX Goonies for all the info on their Wednesday night rides along with their special event rides.

Instagram: @bmxgoonies and Facebook: BMX Goonies

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