Blinded @ Write Act Repertory at BrickHouse Theatre

“Blinded” playing at Write Act Repertory at BrickHouse Theatre in the NoHo Arts District through August 13.

The play “Blinded” makes its world premiere at The BrickHouse Theatre and was written by Joni Ravenna and directed by T. J. Castronovo. 

A classic caper farce, “Blinded” is a story about a man who, upon seeing his mother in bed with a woman, becomes hysterically blinded.  Years later, in an attempt at a cure, he visits a psychiatrist’s office and is persuaded by the doctor to sleep with his wife, claiming that will cure him. Of course the doctor has his own ulterior motives for the arrangement, he is sleeping with his nurse, so of course chaos and hilarity ensue.

Blinded 9667 copy 2
Chris Muto (l.), Rico Simonini, Marilyn Sanabria

The charm of the play comes from its familiar premise of deception and desire and reminded me of the screwball comedies of the late 30s and 40s by such luminaries as Preston Sturgis and Howard Hawkes. All the actors handle the well-written dialogue with ease and fluidity. Even the physicality of the characters invoked images of Irene Dunne,  Joel McCrea and Charles Coburn.

The very effective set design is a simple split view with the psychiatrist office stage right.  The doctor is played with joyous aplomb by Rico Simonini and his nurse/lover Chelia is played with fiery energy and great comic timing by Marilyn Sanabaria. To the left side of the stage is the Silveroni’s living room where almost all the scenes involving our “Blind” Mr. Donald Stark, played by Chris Muto, take place.  With his leading man good looks, Mr. Muto never over plays his lines and his lover, Mrs Bridget Silveroni, is played by the charming and very funny Cindy Marinangel.

The action is fast paced and the twists and turns of the plot are all skillfully held together by good direction and a cast that work beautifully together. I’ve now been to a few plays put on at the BrickHouse Theatre and I can safely say that the plays are well done and always entertaining, “Blinded” continues the streak of good local theatre.

This is a fun play and I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to support a great local theatre.

Blinded runs from July 15 – August 13

Write Act Repertory at BrickHouse Theatre – 10950 Peach Grove St., North Hollywood, 91601 

Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 2PM 


Donald Stark – Chris Muto

Dr Bob Silveroni – Rico Simonini

Cheila – Marilyn Sanabria

Bridget Silveroni – Cindy Marinangel


Lighting Design – Ken Cosby

Producer – John Lant

Production Consultant – Tamra Pica

Operations Manager – Jonathan Harrison

PR – Phil Sokoloff