“Bisexual Sadness”

A NoHo Arts theatre review of The Road Theatre’s “Bisexual Sadness” by India Kotis, directed by Carlyle King, running through November 3.
Photo by Peggy McCartha.

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – A NoHo Arts theatre review of The Road Theatre’s “Bisexual Sadness” by India Kotis, directed by Carlyle King, running through November 5.

The Road Theatre never disappoints. “Bisexual Sadness” is yet another interesting, unique and heart-expanding story to add to their incredible repertoire. Set in the world of LQBTQ…which is of course the same world we all occupy, the story revolves around Faye and her ex, Genevieve. Faye is bi and Genevieve is gay. So when Faye falls in love with a man, after having been with a woman and also after having lived for many years quite happily within the extended loving arms of the LGBTQ community, she is worried that she might lose all of it.

Being bisexual doesn’t mean that you are not monogamous. You don’t have to be I suppose, but Faye is and therefore while she is with one partner of either sex the universe she mostly navigates is theirs…think about it. Our partners take up more of our lives than we do really. We adapt, we befriend, we take on all that they have already attached. So where would the room even be for everything else? I know I don’t have time and space for much more than I already have, imagine adding more people, or imagine losing them.

I admit it’s not something I have had to think about before, but Faye imagines the worst. That she won’t be welcomed by the people she’s spent so much time around, or worse, that when she is around them she will feel ‘other.’ I can understand it, but I’m hopeful that although her fears are valid, they are wrong. Perhaps there is bias among some LGBTQ, I suppose that’s a statistical probability. But is this really about that or are Faye’s anxieties about something else entirely?

There’s the rub…and the spiral around which these fine and very funny actors orbit.

A NoHo Arts theatre review of The Road Theatre’s “Bisexual Sadness” by India Kotis, directed by Carlyle King, running through November 3.
Photo by Peggy McCartha.

The performances are vivid and brashly beautiful. They play their roles with nuance and candor and a sweet goofiness that brings us immediately into their inner circle. 

The layers of jealousy, fear, regret and hope are real and unfolding. Navigating the ever-expanding LGBTQ community for those characters outside of those parameters can be a little confusing, particularly for a mother of a child discovering their own self. Not wanting to seem anything other than supportive and interested without tipping over into interfering is a complex thing. It’s also obviously full of humor, which was also played out really well in this heartrending story.

It’s a very good play. Very funny, very real, very engaging. The actors all fit together with that magical kind of effortlessness that happens sometimes in theatre. Nothing forced, nothing too precious. It delivers the kind of show that feels like your own life…even when it’s tough and even when it’s impossible. 

Fear of making a mistake so big you will always regret it and never be able to reverse it is very real. Although in my experience we never really have that kind of control anyway. Our choices are often disguised as simply what is served up by the universe.  For Faye however, that is the drama. If she chose differently, if she had stayed with Genevieve how would her life be now? But Genevieve doesn’t seem to be bereft without her. There is always going to be that nagging little feeling of “what if” with any ex, at least the ones we still speak to. But is that enough for us to change the direction of our lives? Well, that is the question.

This play runs until November 3rd and is well worth your time. The Road Theatre is a jewel in the NoHo Arts District and deserves our continuous support. Neighborhood theatre should be as precious as everything else we love about living in NoHo. So support The Road and buy a ticket to see some wonderful theatre!!




Running through November 5.


The Road on Magnolia, 10747 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, 91601

The Cast

BISEXUAL SADNESS is double cast. The “Edna St. Vincent Millay” cast will feature Tiffany Wolff as “Faye,” Alaska Jackson as “Genevieve,” Brian Graves as “Alex,” Karrie King as “Miranda,” Gloria Ines as “Naomi,” and Andrea Flowers as “Lillian.”

The “Roxane Gay” cast will feature Liz Fenning as “Faye,” Bex Taylor-Klaus as “Genevieve, Philip Smithey as “Alex,” Amy Tolsky as “Miranda,” Naomi Rubin as “Naomi,” and Samira Beija as “Lillian.”

The Team

The Design Team for BISEXUAL SADNESS is as follows: Scenic Design by Katrina Coulourides; Lighting Design by Derrick McDaniel; Sound Design by Christopher Moscatiello; Projection Design by Ben Rock; Props Design by Scottie Nevil; Costume Design by Jenna Bergstraesser. The Production Stage Manager is Maurie Gonzalez. BISEXUAL SADNESS is produced by Danna Hyams, Barbara Mulller Wittman and Ray Paolantonio.