Bill Withers “Just the Two of Us”

We’re listening to Bill Wither’s “Just the Two of Us.”
We’re listening to Bill Wither’s “Just the Two of Us.” Photo:

The beauty of TikTok is the ability to take a classic song and spread it to the world and bring it to the younger generation. It’s like visual mini musical preservation, using tech to recount musical history and stories. So, we’re listening to Bill Withers’   “Just the Two of Us” featuring Grover Washington Jr. on sax and all the versions we can.

According to Wikipedia, “Just the Two of Us” is a song written by Bill Withers, William Salter, and Ralph MacDonald, and recorded by Grover Washington Jr. and Withers. It was released in February 1981 through Elektra Records.

I see the crystal raindrops fall
And the beauty of it all
Is when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you sometime
And I wanna spend some time with you
Just the two of us
We can make it if we try

We enjoyed the covers of the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love” and we went on a spiral with Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us” covers.  

What are some of your favorite covers of Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us?” Here are some of our favorites.

Stacey Ryan


my third time doing this song on my tik tok oops #sorrynotsorry (Just the two of us – Grover Washington jr./Bill Withers) #fyp #foryou #music

♬ original sound – Stacey Ryan

My Virtuoso aka Gurtej Singh


Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers / Dreams by Fleetwood Mac #fyp #viral #foryou #singing #sikh #art #strat #khalsa #excommunicated @charlidamelio 

♬ original sound – nyvirtuoso

Ebony Loren

Did you know?

In 2005, Bill Withers was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Also, in 2007 his chart topper “Lean On Me” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. His other hit “Lovely Day” has also gone viral as a sound on TikTok.

Here is a playlist of Bill Withers’ jams. Enjoy!

Get to know more about Bill Withers and his music career.

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