Beyoncé “Pure/Honey”

Beyoncé "Pure/Honey"

What we’re listening to (and watching) – Beyoncé’s Pure/Honey.

We are super fans of Beyoncé and Renaissance is just the compilation of dance jams we need right now. For some, it has become a daily ritual to dance around the house/office/balcony/yard/car to any one of the songs to relieve stress. It has also become an easy and intuitive pick-me-up.

In short, Beyoncé’s Renaissance brings joy. What is your favorite song?

Here’s one of our favorite TikTok’s on our latest favorite song, Pure/Honey. Thanks, Kedrick Pasley.

The entire album is on our What We’re Listening to playlist.

Francesca del Console
Author: Francesca del Console

Francesca is a program manager at L.A. Cultural Exchange, an arts-focused student exchange program in Los Angeles, CA. She brings international and U.S. dancers, actors, singers, musicians, etc. to study and train in LA.