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Ben Conley “Thanks for Something” Single Release

Ben Conley “Thanks for Something” Single Release

Punk!!!! Just what I need right now! Loud, barbaric, crude and gorgeous.  Ben Conley is all American punk. Sad, angry, funny and melodic.  He is L.A., because isn’t L.A. just so punk really! In your face, shabby, dark, sullen and painfully creative.

The song is about a bad break up, which is quintessentially punk. Heartbreak at 100 megawatts, the poetry and the pain smashed into you in this cannot-be-ignored wall of sound.  It’s a great song, fast, driven, purposeful and shockingly real.  Full of humour and irony and sarcasm, like only the very best punk should be!

I love the video too – more in your face punk bliss. Oh how I miss loud dirty clubs with too many people and sticky floors and terrible bathrooms. Mosh pits, spilled beer and the kind of heightened life force you get with all that energy, all that passion and all that exuberant release.

Love this track!!!!! Looking forward to more glorious noise from Ben Conley!!!

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Artist Contact Email: benconley850@gmail.com

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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