Beautiful Skin in 2016!

Ways to Achieve Beautiful Skin

Most people are not blessed with flawless skin. It is not something you just have without any work. Yes, there is that one in a million individual who just seems to have incredible skin every time they walk out of the shower, but for everyone else, it does take some work. With that being said, beautiful skin is not out of reach. To reach your full beauty potential, it is necessary for you to follow up with some of these different flawless skin tips and tricks.

Avoid the Extreme Cleansers

You want to zap that oil and reduce your pores instantly, so naturally you are going to want extreme cleansers, right? Actually no, you don’t. First of all, it is going to significantly dry out your skin, which causes all new problems. Then from there, the pores overproduce oil to make up for this sudden lack or oil, which means you increase your chance of experience breakouts. You want natural cleansers that remove dirt and oil but don’t dry out your skin to the extreme. Likewise, you don’t want to over wash your face. Once in the day and once at night is really all you need. Washing your skin four or five times a day can cause the same problems as extreme cleansers.

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Improve Skin and Hair at the Same Time

Your skin and hair are tightly connected and where one goes the other often follows. You are not likely going to find someone with beautiful skin and damaged, thinning hair. The nutrients you take in go a long way in improving both areas of your body. Of course, doing whatever you can to boost the appearance of both your skin and hair is a plus, especially when one method improves both. First of all, you want to avoid drying out both your hair and your skin. While a daily moisturizer as covered in the tips below is a must, but you also want to avoid excessive heat on your hair as well. Dry hair can actually cause your entire body to create more oil, which may cause skin problems. Due to that, you want to avoid using equipment that produces heat on a daily basis (use the cool setting on your blow dryer whenever possible). You can find some excellent products that don’t dry your hair out and allow both your skin and your hair to remain beautiful at the International Hair Company as well as other retail outlets. When you find the right tools, you can use the same great equipment on your real hair that people use for maintaining their remy hair.  Moisture is your body’s friend, whether it is in regards to your hair and skin or to simply through the water you drink daily.

pH Balanced

Some skin products are acid laced. There is nothing wrong with this as it can to wonders for fighting acne and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. However, anything acid laced needs to have proper pH balance. This means the product is going to remove the oil build up in your skin without actually stripping all of the natural oils of your skin. Always check for the label “pH Balanced” when shopping around for new beauty products. This goes not just for cleansers but anything else that uses lactic acid or glycol. Anything with a low pH dries out your skin, increases the appearance of wrinkles and ages your face.

Skip the Fragrances

Did you know fragrance is the most common problem behind any sort of allergic reaction? It isn’t the materials, ingredients or chemicals found in the cream. It is what is used to produce the fragrance. So, if your skin is prone to breakouts and reactions from certain products, it likely is due to what the company uses to add a fragrance. It is also why tattoo artists will tell their customers to use fragrant free lotion on fresh ink. It is better for the skin and reduces potential allergic reactions. Also, fragrance free is different from unscented. Unscented skincare products actually use additional ingredients to mask the odors of active ingredients, which again can cause skin problems. So, make sure it says “Fragrance Free”.

Everything Should Multitask

Why should you buy half dozen different creams for your face when one or two do the job for you? Pick up a day cream that both hydrates your skin and protects it. The very best creams you can use throughout the day utilize natural moisturizers, like fatty acids or butters as well as provide antioxidants, which allow your body to help repair itself faster. On top of it all, there’s no reason why your daily moisturizer shouldn’t come packed with a bit of SPF as well. This way, it nourishes your skin while also protecting it from the sun’s rays.

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