Band: The Sun Explodes Album: Emergence Rating: 8/10

The Sun Explodes is a five piece rock band that fuses several styles of rock with electronic to create their distinct sound. Their debut album ‘Emergence ’ is welcomed with open arms in my eyes. It is fresh and exciting in all the right places. Some might say that they have similarities with the likes of Enter Shikari, this is true and they have the potential to rival them.

It is a rich record that is full of variety and from its nostalgic opening you get a good feel of what it is going to be like. It is a melodic and they aren’t afraid to experiment and dabble into other genres, and by doing that they have created music that comes across fierce and powerful. The instrumental music is impressive, with a good range of talent all mixing together to create a sound that is lasting and memorable. The vocal ability of singer ‘Dave Maclachlan’ is really something that should be noted, his ability to hit the high notes he does is something that can’t be done by everyone.

‘We’re Not Soldiers’ is the song that jumped out of at me, the range of vocals displayed on the song was nice from sombre singing to the angry screams to extremely high notes, the band covered everything. The main positive of the album was the experimentation of their music, it really helped to set them apart from other bands and give them their own unique stamp.

Overall this is a great album that many different music tastes will be able to appreciate and is definitely worth a listen. It seems that the band has put all their emotions in to making this album, and it is a pleasure to see. The Sun Explodes have filled a gap in the music market. I expect very big things for this band in the future.