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The NoHo Arts District dot Com team likes to showcase the immense talent we have in our growing one-mile neighborhood. We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with North Hollywood band Glass Battles.

How did you get the Band’s name?

I wish I had an epic story to answer this question with, but I don’t.  In all honestly, it involved a magazine, post-its and our lead singer Sean being very bored.  But don’t hold me to that- we are gonna come up with an awesome story to tell in the future- so stay tuned for that!

What band influenced your style the most?

We take inspiration from different ages of pop music.  Everything from Blondie and The Stones to modern day icons like Britney Spears and Robin.  The biggest inspiration I have personally is my favorite band ever, The Monkees who always remind me to have fun.  That’s why I do this.  I’m having the time of my life.

What is unique about your band?

I think our uniqueness comes from the individual members.  We are a mix of 2 girls and 3 guys, which is a rare combination in music.  Each of us is different in personality and in appearance, yet we are best friends.  Even if we weren’t in a band together, we would be hanging out every day. We really are family. How else could we be stuck in a van together for hours and hours and not kill each other? THAT’S love.  I am on bass, Ryan Rivers on guitar, Harrison Kreisberg on drums and Sean Augustine and Tanya Dahl vocals.

How did you get started playing the bass guitar?

I actually only started playing in the past 2 years.  I grew up as a ballet dancer, so I’ve always had a connection with music.  I danced all through elementary and high school.  I was majoring in ballet in college when I hurt my back during my freshman year which cut my dance career short.  I always wanted to play bass, and felt that connection to drums and bass coming from my dance background.  Turns out knowing and understanding dance has helped me to become an even better bass player.  Playing bass has given me a chance to be back on stage in a completely different, yet just as exhilarating way.

What advice would you give young musicians?

Music, just like dance, is all about your passion, talent and commitment.  Those things together are unstoppable.  I think too many people end up with the talent and passion, but when they cant put in the hard work and really commit, it goes no where.  Music doesn’t have to be a career choice either.  If you love it, it’s the best stress reliever/hobby in the world.  But if it’s what you want your life to be, you have work for it.  Either way- enjoy every minute of it.

I hear you rehearse at AMP….what do you like about AMP?

AMP is our favorite!  We wouldnt think of practicing anywhere else.  The guys there are so helpful and nice, and the studio is clean and professional.  The location can’t be beat.  I love that I can walk to practice and my other band members can take the Metro and they’re right there.  And best of all, it’s affordable!  We used to have a monthly lockout, but it wasn’t practical for the money.  AMP doesn’t gouge bands, yet they still offer great quality and flexibility with their rental space.

Also, here is a link to a quick little promo we just posted on youtube (we will have better videos when we get back from SXSW in mid March, but if you run the article before then, this is our current video).


Editor’s Note:  Ash mentioned the band will be playing  at SXSW in Austin TX March 12-16.  However, if you want to wait to hear them play locally check out