Band: Grey Goes Down Album: Love Letters To Rock ‘n’ Roll

Grey Goes Down are a three piece alternative punk band from Nottingham, who together form something that’s one of a kind. Their debut album ‘Love Letters to Rock ‘n’ Roll, will take listeners back to a time where music was about the music and nothing else. The vocals can be compared to early Green Day and at times vaguely reminiscent of the late Kurt Cobain. The music is simplistic yet powerful and the two go hand in hand to create a catchy grunge fused punk vibe.

Whilst I can see where the band is trying to go with their music, and there are several very strong points to the album, at times it can sound slightly forced. Now that isn’t to say that it isn’t good, but it doesn’t feel like the singer believes in what he is singing. Having said that there are times where you can feel the passion in their music. One of the main positives of the album is its vibe. It is helping to bring back a genre that died out way before it should of. One track that is a good example of this is ‘Recognition’, it has good lyrical content with unique vocals.

Overall it is a good attempt at a first album, with many positives. There are parts of the album which don’t match up to its full potential, but if you are a fan of punk or grunge then it is still worth a listen.


Rating: 5 out of 10