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Back to School Time: Tips for Decorating Your Dorm

Back to School Time: Tips for Decorating Your Dorm 

College is an exciting time for students to take advantage of new opportunities and meet new people. Dorm rooms are often the place where students can relax, study, and hang out with friends. Living space in dorms is usually tight so students have to find a way to maximize the area available. Here are ten easy steps you can take to make your dorm room a home away from home where you can study and entertain your friends. 

Use a Clothesline to Hang Pictures on the Wall 

Think of your walls as a large blank canvas. Chances are when you head to college you leave behind some of your high school friends and family. One way to have them by your side is by decorating with pictures. Rather than simply framing your favorite photos, you can step up the creativity. Hang a clothesline with pins and attach your pictures to it. You can have a number of strands so your wall is filled with photos. This is a cheap way to instill a piece of home in your space. 

Use Washi Tape to Decorate Your Room

 You can also be creative by using washi tape throughout your room. It comes in a bunch of decorative patterns and is easily removable. Line your bookshelves or place it on your mirror or wall. You can also create a fun message board with the tape by making a cute pattern with it on a cork board. It’s a cheap way for you to make your room cute with little effort. 

Get Creative When Finding Places For Storage

When you go dorm shopping, purchase items that can be used for storage. For example, find a few small ottomans that have tops that lift off to reveal storage space. This way you can have extra seating and additional places to put your things. Also, stock up on storage containers. You can find a place for them in the bottom of your closet or underneath your bed. They provide a great place for storing your winter clothes or towels. On the inside of your closet, hang a shoe rack. This will give your more floor space as your shoes are out of the way. 

Hide Dorm Room Floors 

Chances are the floor of your dorm room will be tile or some other hard floor. To make your room more cozy and to keep your feet warm, add a rug. Choose a rug that adds an element of design to your room. It can even be the focal point that you base the rest of the interior around. When considering the size of your rug, choose one that extends under both beds in the room. This will give the illusion that you have more space. 

Make Your Own Headboard 

To add an element of design to your room, make your own headboard. Use a sturdy piece of insulation sheathing as your base. Simply choose a fabric that matches your comforter and staple it to the sheathing. This will give you something to lean on when you are up late at night cramming for a test. It also can work to tie the room together. 

Make the Bed Higher 

Lofting your bed is the best way to create more space. You can place a futon or refrigerator underneath. You can also place storage containers in the extra space created. By doing this, you will have more room to move around in your room. If you are raising your bed for storage purposes, buy an extra long bed skirt to hide the risers and containers. 

Put Baskets in Drawers to Compartmentalize Items 

Chances are you will be sharing a bathroom with more than one person on your floor. The best way to store your toiletry items is by buying small baskets. Use a few of your drawers for the baskets. Separate items such as your toothbrush and fingernail polish in each one. This will keep them out of view and organized so you can easily find what you’re looking for. 

Create Your Own Bulletin Board 

Another way to decorate with purpose is by decorating a bulletin board to help you stay organized. Cover a corkboard with fabric. You can then criss cross ribbon and place buttons at the intersections using a hot glue gun. Buy decorative thumb tacks to liven it up even more. The board can be a place for you to hang your calendar and more pictures. 

Hang Tapestries 

You probably won’t be permitted to use wall paper throughout your room, but there are ways you can make the wall space pop. Hang a tapestry to add a touch of color or a fun pattern to your space. Adhesive strips can be used to put the fabric on the wall and are easily removable. Tapestries can serve as a key focal point in the room that you build your design around.

Implement Fun Lighting 

Most dorms are lit by fluorescent lighting that adds little to the overall feel of the room. Purchase decorative lamps that can be used instead to brighten the space. You can also hang strings of lights to create a cool ambience. If you have a tapestry on the wall, place lights behind it to add a luminous glow.

Dorm rooms can be made more homey by simply implementing a stylistic approach. Maximizing the space and sticking to a cohesive style will transform your small living space into a comfortable place to relax. Since you have little room to call your own, it’s important to take note of ways in which you can create a home away from home.