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Awesome world destinations to go if you travel alone

Awesome world destinations to go if you travel alone

Looking to travel the world on your own,  but still unsure where to go – or where to even start?  In this article,  we’ll discuss the top picks for the best countries to travel presently solo and have an awesome time while you’re at it. 

Australia.  The diversity of Australia is incredible.  It has beaches, hiking trails, the outback, busy cities,  awesome culture, and so much more.  A solo traveller would typically take around 8012 weeks to explore most of the iconic parts of the country and get the feel Aussie experience.  Start in Sydney and slowly make your way up the Eastern coast.  You can stop at beach towns before ending at the Great Barrier Reef. Fly back to Melbourne and experience the city’s  diversity.  Don’t forget to include a trip to Sydney’s Opera House and go on a Great Ocean Road trip. 

We’ve no doubt you have heard about the vast, unforgiving wilderness of Australia as well as the exotic, deadly animals roaming the land. As part of precaution before going  (same with all destinations here), it’s vital to bring a  travel protection plan with you. You never know what surprises are hiding beneath the next marshland  – but that’s  where the fun is, right  – the thrill of not knowing. 

Vietnam.  Especially tempting  to first-time travellers with a  budget in mind.  Thailand is warmly known as the land of smiles, and you won’t help but enjoy your time here.  Make sure to start your journey in the bustling city of Bangkok, which boasts as one of South East Asia’s most thriving cities.  From here, you can explore the country at great length and leave no island unvisited. 

Netherlands.  The land of liberal thought,  nature, and culture  – the Dutch way of living a fulfilled life.  For the traveling  nomad, there’s  no better destination  to visit to remove stress and think for yourself. 

Nepal.  Nepal isn’t just one of the cheapest countries you can visit as a solo traveller, it also has some of the most surreal hiking trails anywhere in the world.  Take your time and travel slowly throughout Nepal  –  there are  thousands of things to see, experience, do and explore. 

Portugal.  This fascinating country is an affordable destination if you’re looking for a place to start your adventure soloing.  Lisbon is amazing, but locals will tell you to venture either North or South if you really want a taste of authentic Portugal. 

Egypt.  If you want an exotic solo getaway, then this is it.  Egyptians have been commonly referred to as one of the friendliest people in the Middle East.  Previous difficulties in the country have made some travellers reluctant to visit, but most parts of the country are safe from such issues,  primarily Cairo.  Don’t let the media deter you from enjoying one of the most beautiful countries in the world to experience. 

End Note

If it’s your first time travelling overseas alone,  it’s vital to protect yourself from the numerous travel-related mishaps that could happen:  delayed/cancelled flights,  natural disaster,  medical emergency,  lost baggage/passport, etc.  This can be easily managed through a reliable Chubb travel insurance Singapore, which provides comprehensive security for yourself and your dependents.  You’ll enjoy your lone wanderings  more when you have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected.