Aura Blaze “The Sparkling Black” Album Release

While this is not the kind of music I would normally listen to, I do get the fascination of ‘psychedelic rock’ and the devotion of the many fans to this fascinating genre. 

This album has echos of classic 70s prog rock, but with much more melodic qualities.  The lyrics are satisfyingly surreal and avant grade and the production absolutely beautiful.

It’s quite a ride, this album.  The sounds are huge and ambitious, the nostalgic tracks as catchy as anything of the original era.  This music is shamelessly whimsical and gorgeously euphoric, channeling The Doors and Pink Floyd. It’s a joyous soundtrack to the 70s era, the height of Hollywood debauchery and musical malevolence.

But there’s also some sweetness and heartache.  It’s a sprinkle of Partridge Family and a good dollop of Manson Family.  Such a strange mix, when the world was losing the innocence of the 60s and falling headlong into the haze of the 70s.  Aura Blaze, who plays every instrument and also produces, is astonishingly good at this vintage sonic music. These songs are so brilliantly balanced, with chorals and dirty guitar and organ and wave after wave of walls of sound, there’s even the beginnings of disco! ”The Sparkling Black” is quite an achievement…and I strangely loved it!!


Rhode Rachel: all vocals, instruments, and production

Björn Strid (lead vocals on “Manipulation”)

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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