Attending Your First Wedding This Summer – How to Dress the Part of a Guest

Summer isn’t just known as the season to get outside and enjoy; it’s also known in the industry as wedding season. Summer weddings are always popular, as brides and grooms take advantage of the beautiful weather, natural greenery and colorful flowers, and may even go so far as to hold the ceremony and reception outdoors.

While planning a wedding is certainly a stressful and huge undertaking, attending your first wedding can also cause a bit of stress and anxiety. You want to look the part of a perfect wedding guest but striking that chord can be tricky. If you’ve been invited to your very first wedding this summer, then you’re going to want to read on. These tips can act as your guide as to what to wear as a wedding guest and help ensure that the day is as perfect as the bride and groom envisioned.

Gather Information from the Invite

The wedding invitation doesn’t just provide you with the date and time of the event, it also provides you with all kinds of valuable information that will help you dress appropriately. Take a look at where the ceremony and reception are taking place, what time of day, and be sure to check if there are any details about attire.

Some couples choose to hold a formal wedding, ask their guests to dress in a specific color, or even type of clothing. This will be stated on the invite and it’s up to you to follow through on the instructions.

As for the venue, it will tip you off as to how formal or informal the reception will be. This could make the difference between a stylish summer dress, or a more formal full-length dress. The same goes for the time of day. If the wedding is taking place at lunch and is a luncheon, then chances are high that it is going to be much less formal than a five-course dinner.

When in Doubt Choose a Midi-Length Dress

If the invite doesn’t offer much in terms of information on how to dress, then your best bet is to wear a midi-length dress. Midi length hits just below the knees making it appropriate for any and all occasions. You know that you won’t look under-dressed yet at the same time, it’s not as formal looking as a full-length dress. This length is also comfortable to move around in, and dance in.

Pick Material that is Breathable

When it comes to your attire, it doesn’t matter if you’re going formal or casual, picking a material that is breathable will ensure that you stay cool and comfortable. This is even more important if the ceremony and/or reception will take place outdoors. Cotton blends are excellent for keeping you cool and dry, as is opting for something that isn’t too tight or clingy. Think flowy and loose.

Leave the High Heels for Another Occasion

Weddings typically involve standing and dancing, which means you need to take the comfort of your feet into consideration. While high heels may add a certain elegance to your outfit, the reality is that they probably won’t be comfortable for long. Instead, opt for a low heel or even better, no heel at all. If you’re worried that flats won’t look dressy enough, pick a pair with some sort of embellishments on them.

Accessorize Your Outfit

Perhaps you don’t want to spend a fortune on a brand new outfit, which is perfectly reasonable. Instead, you can accessorize a basic look with some jewelry, great shoes, and the perfect purse. These are also pieces that you can use again, so you know you’ll get your money’s worth.

Add Elegance to Your Look and Get Your Nails Done

If you want to boost the elegance of your look, there is no better way than to get your nails done. A manicure can work to pull a whole outfit together and also provide you with confidence. You can choose to go with something soft and natural like a pale pink or peach, something classic like a French manicure, or you can let your nails be the focus of your outfit and go for a bold bright color.

As an added tip, it’s a good idea to check out various nail salons in advance so you’re sure to pick one that matches your budget and wants. You can check online reviews for nail salons, ask friends for any recommendations they may have, and go visit various salons in person. You’ll want to look for one that is well organized, takes bookings (so you aren’t waiting around), is clean, and has friendly staff.

Leave White for the Bride

Of course, one basic rule that most people are well aware of is to leave white to the bride. No-one wants to be competing with how the bride looks on her special day. As well, if you happen to know the color that the bridesmaids are wearing, basic etiquette suggests avoiding that color too.

Hitting that Perfect Note

By using these simple tips, you’ll be able to figure out what will look appropriate as well as what will be comfortable for you to wear, move around in, and not get too stifling hot. What this means is that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the wedding from start to finish.