The Arts Internship Program

Arts Internship Program
Postcard designed by local artist, Sophia Hess

The L.A. County Arts Commission’s Arts Internship Program is back. However, due to Covid, here are some of the critical changes made to support students interested in participating in the Arts Internship Program:

Extended internship window:

The program has been extended from a “summer” program typically held from June through August to more of a year-round format. Interns will be able to work from May 31, 2021 through March 1, 2022.

Internships will be posted on a rolling basis:

Interns should check our website at the beginning of each month starting on April 1 through August 2 as new positions will be posted.

More flexible work parameters

Grantee organizations may elect to have interns work as few as 15 hours a week, and interns may be able to work from home for a portion of their hours.

Opportunities to connect! 

Interns will not be working in isolation and will be able to attend monthly virtual events to meet leaders in the field of arts and culture, network with one another, experience arts and culture and more.

As in previous years, interns will be paid $15.00 an hour for the full 400 hour internship.

Who is elibible L.A. County Arts Commission’s Arts Internship Program?

The 2021 Arts Internship Program positions will be open to currently enrolled undergraduate (2- or 4-year) and community college students who reside or attend college in Los Angeles County. Recent graduates may apply as long as they have completed their degree between May 1 – December 1, 2021. The Department of Arts and Culture encourages eligible students from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as disabled students, to apply. Eligible students may participate in the program once. All applicants must have right to work documents.

  • Students who have already earned a BA, BS, or a higher degree are not eligible for the Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program.
  • Students who have previously participated in the program are not eligible to participate a second time.
  • Students who are invited to participate in the program will be asked to provide verification of eligibility via college transcripts, driver’s license, and other documents to show enrollment status and/or L.A. County residence.

-There are no exceptions to our eligibility requirements.-

The Arts Internships

Check out the L.A. County Arts Commission’s full 2021 Arts Internship Program list. You can filter by neighborhood and type. 

Filter on North Hollywood for Road Theatre openings or Encino, for our pals at 11:11 ACC. This is an opportunity to get to know some of the top arts organizations in Los Angeles, learn new skills and hone ones you may not know you had.

But, the beautiful part of the L.A. County Arts Commission Arts Internship Program is you are helping to keep the arts flowing in our city.

Arts Internship Program
L.A. County Arts Commission Arts Internship Program

How to apply:

Apply directly to the organization.

More info: