Artistic Modern Rugs Ideas to Revive Your Interior

From time to time, homeowners become interested in upgrading their home decor. In most cases, they go with replacing furniture pieces and repainting the walls. However, there are other simpler and more innovative ways to revive an interior. One is to add a statement rug in any part of the home.

The reason why this floor accessory is perfect for transforming the look of your living space is because it is extremely versatile. It comes in numerous patterns, designs, colors and materials, allowing you to explore your options and choose the one that will best fit with your existing interior design.

For example, artistic modern rugs are a very popular choice among homeowners. They can pull the room’s entire accent colors together, add patterns to a neutral color scheme or soften hard edges in a contemporary living space.

For more inspiration, here are five modern rugs ideas you should consider for your next redesign.

Photo by Alex Shu from Unsplash

Abstract geometric

In general, contemporary interior design is characterized by the deliberate use of texture and color. Therefore, if you are looking for a rug that offers just that, then you should definitely consider adding an abstract geometric floor accessory into your living space.

As the name implies, this modern rug style includes geometric shapes in different colors that can bring a positive visual and emotional energy into the interior. This will immediately make the rug a statement piece that will pull the entire space together.

Many homeowners decide to incorporate it in a living room where the color palette is usually versatile and vivid.

Vibrant colors

A modern rug style that will instantly brighten up a space while providing comfort and warmth is the colorful area rug. This type of rug includes lots of vibrant hues which have the power to add that decorative glow your decor has been lacking.

The great thing about it is that you can incorporate them in neutral color spaces where vibrancy is welcome, or you can match one with your current interior design.

If you want to be more playful with this floor accessory style[1] [2] [3] , then opt for the one that comes in a different shape to enhance the dynamics of the space.

Minimalist design

If you are looking for a modern rug style that is simple, yet eye-catching, then rugs with minimalistic designs are the perfect choice for you. This type of rug typically includes small prints and neutral colors that can add a soft touch to any contemporary interior design living space.

For example, striped area rugs with grey and beige hues are an excellent choice if you want to be minimalistic while adding some pattern into the room.

To add more drama to the space, you can go for an uneven striped carpet to add a fresh and modern feel to the space.

Elegant neutral

A modern rug style that can also fit perfectly into a contemporary living space is the monochromatic rug with elegant prints. This type of rug usually comes in neutral colors and includes simple lines and clean shapes that can make the living space look classy and peaceful.

For example, if the color scheme of your bedroom features shades of white and grey, then you can go for a rug with similar hues and small details. You can pair this floor accessory with your bedding and create a master bedroom that is both elegant and stunning.

Photo by Catherina Schürmann from Unsplash

Shag rug

A cozy rug that can also serve as an excellent decorative addition to your home is the shag rug. This type of rug features a soft, cushiony surface with long and lustrous fibers that can make any room look more luxurious. It comes in several colors, patterns and textures, making it an excellent choice for modern decors.

You can lay it under the coffee table in the living room to infuse the space with comfort and warmth or under the desk in your home office where it can serve as the centerpiece of the room.

Final thoughts

Out of the many ways you can revive your living space, adding a statement rug has proven to be a very efficient interior design technique to do so. This accessory comes in many shapes, colors and designs so you can choose the one that best matches your overall lifestyle and preferences. If you want to bring vibrancy and texture to a space that lacks that, then you should definitely consider an artistic modern rug.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out the modern rug styles mentioned here and flawlessly transform your home.

Author: nohoarts