Artist: Young Guns Album: Bones Rating: 10 out of 10

Young Guns are one of those bands that can’t seem to do any wrong. Talent seems to ooze out of every aspect of them and sometimes it’s easy to forget that their new album is only their second.

The guys have come back with their highly anticipated sophomore record ’Bones’ and it is packed to the brim full of rock, emotion and catchy lyrics that will not disappoint. For fans comparing it to their last LP, you will find that it is very different. They have got in touch with their more emotional side to make it much deeper, which adds that extra element to an already great band. There is a wider usage of instruments used on this CD compared to their last, which is a nice way to switch up the tone and feeling.

The album itself is arranged perfectly; it starts with a slightly uplifting song and ends with a slow rather sombre song. This makes it flow very well and it doesn’t seem like a random bunch of songs stuck together, a rather well thought out “thirty eight minute” journey of Gustav Wood’s inner thoughts. It is a very full and rich album, with impressive vocals and great music to go with them. The lyrics should be mentioned as probably one of the best things on the album, not only are they catchy; but they are meaningful and you can hear the passion in Gustav’s talented voice. What makes his lyrics so unique is his ability to reframe from swearing in them, which is very rare for a rock band that doesn’t aim themselves at children and charts.

All of the tracks are strong, but the one that stood out as the strongest is ‘Bones’, it is a hard hitting rock song that captures the tone of the album beautifully. Songs such as ‘A Hymn For All I’ve Lost’ and ‘Broadfields’ show a new side to the band, one that’s slower, darker and more mature.

This album executes perfectly what hard work can achieve and the band deserve their ever growing fan base. If you haven’t heard it, I urge you to and if you haven’t bought it, buy it. Could the British rock scene have had a better start to the year? I think not.