Artist: Samuel Bazan Album: Slow Down Location: North Hollywood

Samuel Bazan is an unsigned singer/songwriter from Olympia, WA; now living locally in NoHo, who recently recorded his debut album ‘Slow Down’.  With many unsigned artists who release their first album, wonderful things can’t really be expected, but Samuel does a very good job of bridging the gap between amateur and quality, recording some catchy alternative rock tracks on the record.

The album, which was self-produced by Samuel, is full of well thought out love songs, with a vocal style and lyrics that will remind his listeners of a young Rob Thomas and guitar skills that are Santana-esque. Some stand out tracks on the CD are ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Forgiveness’ which I think set the general feel of the record. One thing that really stood out above the rest was the lyrics. There are no sound effects or pretentious ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ that you find in so many pop songs; just a man and his words with a good firm musical beat to back him up.

Samuel has certainly made a very solid album and the passion and hard work that has been put into making it can be felt. With more coverage he could have the potential to revive what seemed like a forgotten market in the industry, and with talent like that it is hard to imagine why this guy isn’t signed.

I urge everyone to give this Samuel Bazan a listen, just click the link below:



  1. It’s Very REFRESHING to hear someone nowadays that doesn’t solely rely on Auto Tune and other Synthetic audio Trinkets to attract a fan base.
    Its like Sam’s Hands are an extension of his soul.

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