Artist: Olly Murs Album: In Case You Didn’t Know Rating: 6 out of 10

X Factor finalist Olly Murs is back with his sophmore album, and it’s easy to say that he is back with style. Having already released a hit record the previous year, he has definitely returned with something to rival it.

Olly Murs album cover

The album has a good vibe to it blending pop and a range of style including soul perfectly, and feels more of a solid than his last one. The CD seems to cover more ground than the last one too, perhaps to reach to a larger fan base. It features a collboration track ‘My Heart Skips A Beat’, with new UK Hip-Hop duo Rizzle Kicks. This being one of the strongest tracks along with ‘I’ve Tried Everything’.

The records main positive is it’s over all sound, it is expected from any talent show artist nowadays to make one hit and fizzle out. Yet Olly has created a delightful collections of songs, that anyone would find hard to resist. However his main weakness is, ironically the range of content. Whist all the songs on it are a good listen, they do however get slightly repetitive and dull quickly.

If pop is your style, then this album is for you. Also fans of artists such as ‘Cee Lo Green, James Morrison and Ed Sheeran would enjoy it.