Artist: Marmalade Sky EP: British Boy Rating: 8 out of 10

Marmalade Sky are a four piece British rock band from Bristol, their newest EP is quite rightly titled ‘British Boy’. Whilst the band is unsigned, anyone who takes the time to listen to them will be greeted with true great British rock and roll with influences such as The Rolling Stones and The Who.

The main strength of the album is the vibe it gives out, when you listen to it you really do hear this sound that has been missing in the music for a fair few decades now and it just shows that the guitar is not dead and true rock and roll is still around and making a comeback. The record contains everything that is good about in British rock and roll, with powerful guitar riffs, distinct vocals and that certain loudness. The track British Boy is one of the strongest on the EP and what makes it so special is its acoustic version gives it a completely different tone and meaning.  It is hard to pick out any negatives and I don’t think any could be pin pointed unless you don’t like this genre of music.

The band has put some serious hard work into the recording of this EP and it has paid off, it is truly a rare gem in the music market.  If you love rock and roll then this is for you, this band seems to definitely have a big future ahead of them.

Give them a listen by clicking the link below: