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Article Review Writing: Student’s Guide

While it is not the type of essay that you will be writing the most when you are at college, it is not uncommon for a professor to assign an article review.

It is a method used to introduce you to some of the most popular articles in your field of study, and by writing the article review, you should be able to gain a better understanding of the subject matter. 

On this page, we want to introduce you to how you can go about writing an article review. Don’t worry, it is far simpler than you may think. 

What is an article review?

In order to write an article review, it is probably worth having a solid understanding of what one is.

To put it simply; an article review will look at a specific article. You will then provide an outline of what is in the article, summarizing what the article says and the arguments it makes. You will then critique the article. It is unlikely that you will be bringing any other research into your article review. You will simply be looking at the article you have been given and writing about that. It really is quite simple. You don’t need to do anything fancy when article review writing. Just summarize an article and critique it.

The best way of understanding the concept of an article review is to look at an example. A great one will be this Bid4Papers review on Omnipapers.com.  

The outline of an article review 

There are three key components to your article review. This excludes your introduction and your conclusion: 

Outline of the article. Highlight key points and any information included in the article. Discussion of the positives in the article. State whether anything in it is ‘true’ and highlight whether the methodology etc. was correct. Critique the article. State where they went wrong. Whether the article is inconsistent, or whether key information is left out. 

Start by reading through the article 

You can’t write an article review without taking the time to read through the article. It should take a good few hours because you will be going through it multiple times. The first time you read it, you will want to do nothing but absorb the information. You can then go through the article a few more times to make notes. 

You should pay special attention to the way that the author introduces the article. You can get a brief overview of what the author believes the article outlines. You can then make a note as to whether they have met what they claimed to have met or not. 

Think about what you have learned in class 

Your professor would have given you this article because they want you to apply the knowledge that you have gained in class. It is important that you think about what you have been taught, and how it may be applicable to what the article states. Do your lessons contradict what you are meant to review? Does it support it? Make notes here. However, do bear in mind that you probably shouldn’t be bringing other articles into your writing unless t is 100% required. 

Writing your review 

Start by writing an outline for your review. 

You will need to sum up the article at the start. Make sure that you do this in your own words. Do not be afraid to get technical here. This essay will be written for somebody who is knowledgeable about the subject. You do not need to explain every minute point. 

After this, draw up an outline of the arguments you wish to make. This is where the bulk of your review will be. When you are writing your outline, try to ensure that the points you are making are in a logical order. Try to ensure that each paragraph is somewhat linked. 

When it comes to writing your essay, take your time. Go into depth on points. This will only be your first draft, but try to make it as brilliant as you can. 

Editing your review 

The final step will be editing your review. This will take a lot of time. You aren’t just checking for grammar and spelling mistakes here. You want to ensure that the points you have made in your review actually make sense. If they don’t, either edit them or cut them completely.

We know that an article review is going to be unlike anything you have tackled before, but if you read the article through completely, and then plan the key points that you want to make, we are positive you will be able to score yourself a high grade.

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