Armand Peri: A Modern Day Monet with a Vanguard Pop Art Twist

Armand Peri: A Modern Day Monet with a Vanguard Pop Art Twist

Armand Peri is a prime example of the American Dream, taking his Portuguese roots and making an American empire that spans from bodybuilding to nightlife, to real estate investment and now artistry.

A true visionary and creative at heart, Peri is demonstrating that no industry or challenge is too overwhelming for his diverse skill set, as he continues to share his incredibly unique, new-age impressionist paintings that are earning him modern-day comparisons to Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Edgar Degas. Taking his impressionism foundation one step farther with a pop art flair, undoubtedly conjuring connections to Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, it’s easy to see one could get lost for hours breaking down the composition, meaning, and emotion behind every one of Peri’s works.

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However, Peri is more than his paintings he shares with fans and adoring followers. His beginnings are rooted in cold, hard business and development that have afforded him status, celebrity affiliation, and the public notoriety checkmark on the ever-expansive photo app: Instagram.

From Humble Beginnings to Male Moulin Rouge

Born in Vila do Conde, Portugal in 1965, Peri always knew his dreams and aspirations were too big for his confines. At just the age of 5, Peri was inspired by the power of painting and began creating works that found their way into the halls of respected museums and institutions before he came of age. As with every avant-garde visionary, Peri knew by the age of 18 that he had more interests and challenges he wanted to conquer visit our site

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Immediately seeking out the resources and support in America, Peri moved to the United States to pursue business, entrepreneurial, and real estate investment. It wasn’t long before he was the CEO of New Age Productions, Inc., his New Jersey and New York based production and Night Club investment and entertainment company.

Also passionate about physical fitness and preservation, Peri founded the Hunk-O-Mania Entertainment company, a live choreographed male dance revue show for women that plays in the hottest nightclubs in New York City. The show went onto claim the title as “one of the largest and most successful male revue shows for women in the world.” Receiving significant publicity when it first launched as a Moulin Rouge-style male performance art that attracted significant personnel throughout the city, it is argued that Peri’s production behind this show was his official launch into stardom.

At the same time, Peri was competing as a bodybuilder himself, exploring the depths of physical form and physique. Spending hours every day refining his body into pure muscular perfection, Peri went onto found Diva Royale, a popular cabaret show in New York that featured some of the best female impersonators in the city. Popularly expanding to more than 10 cities, it was hard to compete with Peri’s vision at the time.

Pivoting to Real Estate Investment

For most serial entrepreneurs, the story doesn’t just stop with one interest or passion. That’s why it’s no secret that Peri delved into real estate investment. Today, Peri works with local housing leaders to develop stronger communities, leveraging the expertise and acumen of his investment firm to provide advisement and support to real estate development and investment firms throughout the city.

Still not enough to satisfy the satiating appetite of Peri’s soul, today, the public figure, celebrity, investor, and serial entrepreneur is now pursuing one of his deep-rooted loves: art.

Where Monet and Warhol Collide

Art has undoubtedly been a force throughout the duration of Peri’s life. In 1983, Peri’s work was chosen as the most creative and expressive from a pool of 6,000 other artists, going on to receive recognition by the governor of the state of New Jersey, as well as Nancy Reagan, First Lady of the United States at the time. Also fascinated with the study of architecture, pursuing a Bachelors of Science at the New Jersey Institute for Technology, it is argued that these artistic roots are what created such a ravenous appetite in Peri for real estate development and investment.

Today, Peri shares architectural renderings, oil paintings, self-portraits, charcoal portraits, study drawings, and other generation-defining pieces that were recently showcased at Miami’s Art Basel 2018. Adapting to the social media trend of showcasing one’s process and style through apps like Instagram, Peri has a lively following of 325,000 people, all of whom he engages as he unveils new works of art and his process behind their conception.

When it comes down to it, it’s actually easy to see how all of Peri’s endeavors are related, each one presenting a creative challenge that can only be conquered by a person with the heart and appetite of a lion. Not slowing down anytime soon, be sure to follow Peri on social media or keep up with his website to stay ahead of his artistic curve.

“Hard work, dedication, and the determination to win.”