Archway Theatre presents: “Night Of The Living Dead”

Archway Theatre presents: “Night Of The Living Dead” Running from October 13 through November 18. 

I had my first very memorable visit this past October 13th (eeeek) to the award-winning Archway Theatre for the premiere of “Night of the Living Dead.”  

The play is very well adapted and directed by Ron Mitls, based faithfully on George A. Romero’s classic cult film which premiered almost 50 years ago.   This is Ron Milt’s fifth production for the company and his very entertaining stage version is a great Halloween fun for all.   This crowd pleaser features a terrific cast, rich in talent and lead by Archway Theatre resident company member Brent Charles as Ben.  Mr Charles is on stage for practically the entire length of the two-act, two-hour production, which is no easy feat. 

The lovely leading lady Barbara is played by the very talented actress Ashley Sullivan. 

But kudos to the entire talented and creative cast of humans and zombies –  everyone was great.  The set is really very well executed, the drama takes place in and around a simple country farmhouse,  but this version is set in modern times and some extremely well-chosen music adds to the scary atmosphere of the production. 

Filmmaker George A. Romero revolutionized the horror film genre and effectively redefined the use of the term “zombie” which was never used in a movie before.  This excellent and inventive stage version features many scary, flesh-eating creatures, brilliantly costumed and in full zombie makeup, doing their best to terrorize and amuse us.

Fair warning…audience members in their path may experience a splat or two of fake blood … lol, all part of the fun!

Showtimes and Tickets

Another hit for Archway Theatre!

Visit for more info and tickets about this fun gore-fest… Thank you to artistic director Steven Sabel and company for the hospitality.

Coming up soon for Archway Theatre Company is their sixth-anniversary gala celebration on December 9th. 

Tickets for Night of the Living Dead are $28 for general admission and $14 for seniors and students.  Industry night is Friday, November 3rd for members of local theatre groups – tickets are half price followed by an industry social hour featuring dessert and drinks. 


Barbara  –  Ashley Sullivan

Ben  –  Brent Charles

Helen  –  Whitney Blake Dean

Harry  –  David Galano

Judy  –  Lauren Harris

Tom  –  Carlos R. Chavez

Johnee  –  Connor Green

McClelland  –  Christian Hermida

TV Reporter  –  Lexi Scanlan

Jackson  –  Daniel Kohl

Tina/Karen  –  Christina Cruz

George  –  Vinny Brar

Production Staff

Producing Artistic Director   –  Steven Sabel

Director   –  Ron Milts

Stage Manager  –  Will Holbrook

Make Up/Effects  –  Brandon Spear/Kevin James Spear

Set/Scene Design  –  Steven Sabel

Costumer  –  Sarah Morris

Costume Assistance  –  Angie Dobson

Sound Design  –  Ron Milts

House Manager  –  Annie Freeman

Subscriptions Manager  –  John Eisen

Graphic Design  –  Steven Sabel

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.