Any Singers in North Hollywood?

It’s Singers Night at The Federal Bar NoHo

So you sing? Do you want to sing in front of a live audience? Do you want to sing with a group of uber talented performers? If yes, we’ve got the place for you right in the NoHo Arts District. But wait. For those of us who are tone deaf but enjoy a great show, we can participate too, just in the audience. Singers and non singers alike, head over to Singers Night at The Federal Bar.

So what exactly is Singers Night?
Singers Night is a once-a-month event that allows singers who have the talent to perform with A-List musicians who’ve played for a who’s who in the industry – everyone from J-Lo to Backstreet Boyz to Stevie Wonder’s musicians. It’s hosted by Grammy Award-winner Delious Kennedy from the Band All-4-One (I Swear, I Can Love You Like That, So Much in Love). Every month they choose a different theme. Past themes have been 70s, Motown, Icons and, July’s theme is hits from the 80s.

Singers Night at The Federal Bar

WHEN: Saturday, July 26 from 3-7PM
WHERE: The Federal Bar 5303 Lankershim Blvd. NoHo Arts District
PERFORM: Send them a note on Facebook>>
COST: $10 cover at the door


Would you like to perform?
If you would like to perform, it’s really simple. All you have to do is inbox them a link to a live performances so that they may review your talent. No pre-recorded material is accepted, it must be live singing. If they feel you can fit in with the theme, they will invite you to participate. All in all, they are just looking for talented singers. If you visit their Singers Night Federal Facebook page, you can see highlight videos from past Singers Nights through the wall feed. It’s a fun time where people come to dance and have a great time.

Tell us more about why you decided to create Singers Night?
Singers Night was created by Delious Kennedy in order to give aspiring talented individuals the opportunities that he never had when he was struggling to make it as a singer in this town. He believes that your level of talent and success increases when you put yourself in the atmosphere of people who are at the top of their game. “You’re forced to do better.” He’s always loved discovering talent and encouraging them and this just made sense to him. So he called upon his friends, people like Oscar Cartaya, who’s played with J-Lo, or Andy Abad who’s toured with Backstreet Boys, as well as a couple of All-4-One’s touring musicians, and they were down to be a part of the monthly event. Delious is a Grammy winning singer with the Group All-4-One. They have sold approximately 22 million records worldwide. Their biggest hits were “I Swear,” “I Can Love You Like That,” “So Much in Love” and a few others. “I Swear” was one of the longest running #1 songs in Billboard history with an impressive 11 weeks. It remains relevant today through movies like Despicable Me 2, Just Friends and The Social Network.

Singers Night 70s Theme The Federal Bar

Why did you choose the Federal Bar in the NoHo Arts District?

The Federal Bar was chosen as the venue because, when Delious had his birthday party there last year, he was impressed with the sound system. Delious is very particular on what type of sound system he sings on and this was a top-notch system in his eyes.

What advice would you give to aspiring singers?
His advice to aspiring singers is to “make sure you are doing it because you love to sing, if there’s any other reason, this industry will eat you alive. You will receive many “No’s’ in your life, but it only takes 1 “YES” and you’ll be on your way.”

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