Every wedding anniversary is an important milestone in the life of a couple, however there are some years that stand out more than others. There is so much to look forward to each year, anniversary gifts included. If you are one such person who finds it difficult to choose gift after gift each passing year, why don’t we help you with suggestions possible anniversary presents.

Some couples like to stick to the traditional gifts that match each year, but others would rather switch things up with modern anniversary gifts by year. Whichever category you fall into; our list will act as an anniversary gift guide for giftings for each of these special milestones.

Traditional 5th year anniversary gifts according to Weddingforward, traditional anniversary gifts, have a wood theme. So, if you’re a stickler for tradition, you could consider a sentimental item mounted on wood or a wood picture frame. And if you live in a wooded area, a lovely hike for just the two of you during the day wouldn’t hurt either.

For a modern touch, couples choose silverware for the 5th wedding anniversary. Is there a set you know your wife has been eyeing in her favourite colours? Or a handy tool your man could use in his tool shed. Don’t forget a card hallmark anniversary gift as they are made from paper which is equally made from wood.

Tin or Aluminium come to mind for traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Think tin ware souvenirs at the end of a romantic getaway or even a metal storage box. If you’re however leaning towards modern 10th wedding anniversary gifts, then diamond jewellery is the name. From earrings, to rings and diamond studded cuff links, you have quite a list of options to choose from for wedding anniversaries. 

Traditionally, crystal is given when marking the 15th wedding anniversary. This could be a sparkly brooch for her or a crystal wine glass set for him with a mementos monogram. Modern gifts for the fifteenth anniversary are watches. Knowing the type your spouse will like, there is a range of tastefully designed watches to choose from for him or her.

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The twentieth wedding anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating indeed. How better than to give your loved one a thoughtful gift to show your appreciation for their time at your side. There is no love without giving, and lovers of tradition usually give China themed gifts to mark this point in their lives. If you’re open to a splurge, this could be a trip to China or a China themed location. It could also be a China set that you both will enjoy using.

Modern gifts for this milestone are platinum themed. Think wristwatches and platinum pendants and other assorted jewellery for your significant other.

Twenty fifth
Popularly known as the silver jubilee, it is no surprise that modern times and tradition are a match for wedding anniversary gifts on this one. Silver is the theme of choice for the all too important 25th wedding anniversary.

So, while you might have gotten it wrong in the past, try to get it right with this milestone. Engraved silver pens or jewellery wrapped in a special silver gift wrap should do the trick.

At this point in your lives surely it is worth a splurge to celebrate the years you have been together. This is why it’s no wonder that the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the 30th year is pearl themed, and for the modern day it is diamonds. Take your pick and find a way to blend romance and creativity together.

Does your love enjoy eating oysters, or would he or she prefer diamond jewellery, cabinet hardware, or even a visit to a Pearl farm? Either way, this is one milestone you should surely commemorate with a thoughtful gift.

Thirty fifth
Such a colourful year in the life of a couple. The 35th year is the time for Coral traditionally and modern day Jade. These two themes go hand in hand, and we’re guessing it should be easy to take a pick or combine them. Consider marriage anniversary gifts of dinning out on seafood with candles and coral napkins, or even underwater adventures at a tropical island if you are up for it. 

The year for rubies is the fortieth. Watch the smile on the face of your loved one as you gift them with jewellery of rubies, ruby glass goblets, or even something as simple as a red dress. The theme for both traditional and modern day 40th wedding anniversary gifts is rubies, so celebrate this year in style.

Forty fifth
Sapphire is the theme for a 45th wedding anniversary, whether traditional or modern gifts for anniversary. Think rhythm-and-blues or sapphire-studded jewelry for the absolute best forty fifth wedding anniversary gift ideas.

This here is the golden jubilee, the one which must be celebrated by you both and the whole family. The only theme worthy of this year both traditionally and modern day, is gold. Lovely gifts of gold; from gold watches to lavish bouquets of golden tulips or roses, wrapped in beautiful gold wrapping paper and other anniversary materials.

For an event, you could attend the opera and give the tickets tied with a gold ribbon bow, toasting afterwards with an elegant dinner and extra bubbly.

While each year is just as special as the last, there are wedding anniversary themes and anniversary gifts that can make every single year with your loved one memorable. We hope our wedding anniversary ideas have been able to help you with inspiration whether you’re a stickler for tradition or you’re a modern day millennial seeking anniversary gifts by year modern. If you need even more ideas, you could try registering for subscription boxes. Here is to wishing you many more years of love and happiness.