Andrew Ruoti’s “Odyssey” 

A NoHo Arts music review of Andrew Ruoti’s “Odyssey” EP.
A NoHo Arts music review of Andrew Ruoti’s “Odyssey” EP.

A NoHo Arts music review of Andrew Ruoti’s “Odyssey” EP.

This new conceptual EP from Andrew Ruoti is a really interesting mix of genres and moods. Each track corresponds to writings by Shelly Luan and digital art editor William S. Pierce.  

What an interesting idea, to mix images and music in this way.  Art begetting art.

There’s a hint of Peter Gabriel in Ruoti’s music. He embraces strong visual images in his lyrics and the music is full of soaring sounds and huge, cinematic sweeping waves. Several of the tracks are instrumental, others full of passionate lyrical overtures. 

A NoHo Arts music review of Andrew Ruoti’s “Odyssey” EP.

The music is meditative, but not in a quiet sense. It’s more exploratory than that. The EP feels like an unfolding journey, each track directly related to the next, but also easily standing alone, like days in a life.  The more you listen, the more you hear intricate and hidden moments in the layers of sounds and voices. 

Everything always moving towards something and Andrew Roti’s gorgeous voice emerging and revolving in interesting and surprising ways. 

Favorite track from Andrew Ruoti’s “Odyssey”…”Deconstruct.”

But the whole EP has the same enigmatic essence, each song an answer to a question, or a question posed. There’s an openness, a kind of vivid tumbling of ideas and phrases.

I really loved it! 

Stream the newest single “Tribals and Tribulations” off Andrew Roti’s “Odyssey” EP on Bandcamp.


Andrew Ruoti- Vocals and Guitar, Uly Millan- Lead Guitar, bass and keyboard, Gregg Sulzer- Drums

Producer Name(s): Uly Millian 





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