Andrew Reed “As a Bird of The Air” Album Release

Andrew Reed built himself a studio in the wilderness on a remote mountaintop to isolate himself for a year.

The result of his introspection and immersion is this his latest album, “As a Bird of the Air.”  It’s a huge album, so clearly Reed has a lot to say once he found his voice!  Soft rock, high energy, 80s influenced rock songs and ballads, touching on themes of love, loss, liberation and release.

Rock albums with this much reverb and production with a very big nod to the big rock bands of the 80s are pretty thin on the ground these days.  What I liked the most about the album was its unadulterated embracing of that classic sound.  Sure, Reed puts his own spin on it, filling it out, twisting it a little when the need arises. But it’s clear his soul lies within the walls of guitars, driving drums and passionate, high octane vocals.

If you like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Aerosmith, with songs far more complex and richly wrought than they might first appear, then you would love this album. Reed has sunk his heart and soul into a 13-track extravaganza with mood and message.  His isolation evolution, he says “To me, rock wasn’t meant to be pretty…but desperate, risky and bombastic…where it could go off the rails at any moment…not over-rehearsed or efficient and safe…where one could throw their life away in the moment…” Well, that says it all, doesn’t it!

Musician Names/Instruments: Andrew Reed plays all instruments on this album except drums by Wayne Redden

Producer Name(s): Andrew Reed

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Artist Contact Email: Wayne Redden Micah Taylor

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The Outlier – Andrew Reed 7-Minute Documentary

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
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