An Empowering Pre-Show Warm Up for a Solo Artist

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on “An Empowering Pre-Show Warm Up for a Solo Artist.”

“Behind every brilliant performance there were countless hours of practice and preparation.” – Eric Butterworth 

After a significant season of preparation for your solo show performance consisting of writing, re-writing, memorizing, blocking, rehearsing, marketing, and the slew of other responsibilities a solo artist takes on; the single most important thing to do before stepping onto the stage to perform is to embrace a pre-show warmup ritual. 

I toured for over 13 years as a solo artist and now work with hundreds of s as they prepare to perform their one-person plays. In all of these experiences, I have learned that there is a massive difference in the quality of a performance that had a significant warmup experience versus those that did not. 

To bring your very best self to the stage, be certain to set yourself up for success by not just diving in cold. We need to focus on “An Empowering Pre-Show Warm Up for a Solo Artist.”

This month’s blog will focus on various components of a warmup ritual that may help you get in the “Zone” as a solo artist. 

1) Step through the show 

Stepping through your show simply means that you are standing on stage and walking yourself through the story you are about to tell. For some actors, that may look like doing a rapid fire speed through of the entire script executing all of the blocking and character work full speed ahead. For others, it may simply be talking through the throughline while marking the blocking loosely, and some actors like to hold the script in hand and read it quietly to themselves as they walk around feeling the support of the stage beneath their feet. The point is to envision clearly the path of your show before sharing it with your audience on show day. 

2) Engage in a Spiritual Practice 

A Spiritual Practice is not about religion, it is about getting yourself grounded on a Soul level. That can take on a lot of different forms. It may be done through meditation, listening to music and dancing or simply drowning out the outside noise, praying or chanting, doing breath work or yoga. Whatever gets you out of your head and into your Soul is what you will want to do to calm yourself, quiet your mind, and enter the state of serenity necessary to carry an entire show with focus and confidence. 

3) Physical & Vocal Warmup 

As a solo artist, your body is the vessel you have to tell your story both physically and vocally. Therefore, it requires a certain level of athleticism. Be sure that before you step on stage, you

have taken the time to warm up your voice and body. Singing scales, doing annunciation exercises, stretching, dancing, whatever method you choose, be sure to get your vocal cords and your muscles moving pre-show. 

4) Hydration & Nutrition 

While I would not recommend eating or drinking directly before getting on stage, I do think that properly nourishing your body in the hours leading up to your show is very important. You need your brain to be operating sharply and your body to be energized. You also do not want to be experiencing a dry mouth while speaking to an audience for an hour or more. Think about the food and beverages that pump you up versus weigh you down. Does caffeine keep you alert or make you jittery? Do carbs give you strength or put you into a food coma? Really consider what you put into your body on show day and make wise choices that will set you up for an optimum performance. 

5) Character Meetings 

If your solo show involves multiple characters, I encourage you to partake in what I call “Character Meetings.” This is the practice of spending time in the body and voice of each character. It can be helpful to start with actual lines they say in your show, but then allow yourself to walk around and improvise using vernacular they would use. Witness how they show up in your body, where they carry their weight, the facial expressions they make, the pace of their speech and the rhythm of their movement. Consider doing this exercise in the order of appearance that your characters appear in your show. This will help you organize their entrances and the order of events in your script. 

This is a short list of ideas to give yourself a proper warmup experience before your show. However, there are so many more to be added to this list. Ask yourself what you most need to feel in your mind, body, and spirit before sharing your story from stage and then come up with a warm-up ritual that allows those needs to be met. 

Being a solo artist is not easy, but it is so rewarding. So set yourself up for success by utilizing today’s insights, and please continue on your solo journey. It may not be easy, but it is so worth it! 

Jessica Lynn Johnson
Soaring Solo Blog
Founder and CEO of Soaring Solo LLC

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An Empowering Pre-Show Warm Up for a Solo Artist

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Jessica Lynn Johnson (Director and Developer) is a published playwright, recipient of BEST NATIONAL SOLO ARTIST AWARD, Advisory Board Member of the LA Women's Theatre Festival, and Founder and CEO of Soaring Solo LLC. Jessica has aided in the development of over 150 solo shows (and is still going strong)! As a performer, Jessica has “edu-tained” international audiences touring her own one person shows ZE and OBLIVIOUS TO EVERYONE for over 15 years. Jessica's projects have taken home awards such as TOP OF FRINGE, HFF ENCORE PRODUCER AWARDS, TVOLUTION BEST SOLO PERFORMANCE, LARRY CORNWALL AWARD FOR MUSICAL EXCELLENCE & several other accolades! Jessica was also nominated for the Female Director of Distinction in Theatre by Girl Trip LLC at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.