All-new live games that are transforming the online casino scene

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Online casinos have transformed the world of gambling. They bring classic casino games to players in their own homes and give them the opportunity to take on the house at slots, roulette or blackjack without having to trek half way across the country to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. 

But they have also transformed casinos in another way. The online sector is both highly competitive and highly innovative. It means that as well as those classic casino games that have been casino staples for 100 years or more, there are plenty of completely new games that are ideal for a new generation of players exploring how to play online casino for real money in the 2020s. This is especially the case in the live online casino gaming arena.

A word about live games

Live gaming was introduced to make online casinos more engaging and closer to a real casino experience. Players can interact with a real dealer via webcam, who will be dealing the cards or rolling the dice. There is even a chat box where you can send instant messages, just like you can chat to the dealer in a real casino. 

Live games are not just more fun, although that is an important part of it. They are also better for your bankroll, as dealing real cards or spinning a physical wheel makes each game take a little more time than it would with a simple screen showing virtual images. Live gaming tables have all the classics like roulette and baccarat, but also some all-new casino games.

New games that are worth a try

It would be impossible to go through all the new games you can try in a live online casino, and half the fun is discovering them for yourself. However, we will mention three of the most popular that are definitely worth looking out for on your next visit.

Football studio – this relates to football in the European sense of the word, better known as soccer in the USA. The presenters will chat about their favorite sport and bring you the latest news, which will mostly be about the World Cup over the coming weeks. But the game itself needs no sporting expertise. Two cards are dealt, one representing the home team and one the away team. You can back home, away or a draw and the highest card decides the result. 

Bac bo – an intriguing blend of two classic casino games, bac bo is a simplified form of baccarat played with dice instead of cards. Basic baccarat rules apply, except that instead of closest to nine, the highest number is the winner. Like baccarat, you get the best odds by backing a winner, not the tie!

Dream Catcher – you will see several live games that are clearly inspired by TV shows. Deal or No Deal is one, but Dream Catcher is the most popular. The Wheel of Fortune inspiration is obvious, and the Dream Catcher game plays in much the same way, with the presenter setting the giant wheel in motion for each game. Different segments have different values, and you can bet on where you think it will stop.