Alice Merton’s “No Roots”

We’re listening to Alice Merton’s “No Roots” from her debut album “No Roots.” 

Alice’s debut track “No Roots” starts out with a simple, deep bass and the hip popping is instantaneous. A bit more into it the drums come and her voice, it’s a voice that makes you pay attention. The song builds with the background vocals emphasizing the word roots like a cheer then the unexpected synth riffs pop in. 

“No Roots” is one of those one-listen, I love it songs.


We love the song because of the melody and her voice. But the words are like a chant and they resonate with us. We work with young artists/exchange students both international and national (L.A. can seem foreign to many!), and our team has lived overseas. So we understand Alice’s take on traveling the world “like gypsies in the night,” 100%, every word, and the chorus has become our mantra.

“I’ve got no roots, but my home was never on the ground.” Simply put, home is where you are.

Alice gets it because she’s lived it. She’s called Canada, Germany and the U.K. home.

We always tell our homesick L.A. exchange students:

“Love, home is where you are. And right now you’re in Los Awesome.”

We admire that Alice is classically trained and her song is on Spotify repeat. But what’s even more impressive is she started Paper Planes Music with her manager to produce her album. We love to see talented artists take risks for their craft and create music their way, on their own terms. No one has time to make music they aren’t into. Keep up the hustle, Alice.

We’re uber lucky to have her roll through Los Angeles on Monday, December 11 at the Moroccan Lounge. We’re going and so should you. Tickets>> Follow her on all social media @AliceMerton 

Keep making music that moves us.

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  1. One of the best pop songs to come along in a long time. Very well written, engineered and produced. I first heard it in October in San Francisco. I was visiting a Country-Western dance convention ( During the line-dance workshop, “No Roots,” was used for the line-dance. It worked and was phenomenal! The attitude of the song is really infectious and carried over to the dancers.