Magic 8 Ball – My Life With Asperger’s

SOLOFEST – “Magic 8 Ball – My Life With Asperger’s” @ Whitefire Theatre

George Steeves’ terrific one-man show “Magic 8 Ball – My Life With Asperger’s” details the struggles and tribulations of a sincere, likeable, talented and very motivated young singer/ actor challenged with Asperger’s Syndrome.  

This original and inspiring 60-minute solo show inspired by Whoopi Goldberg and her hit one-woman show from the 1980s  has won several awards already and it’s easy to see why. It’s truly original, honest, heartbreaking and funny. 

“Magic 8 Ball I- My Life With Asperger’s” is about winning and losing,  facing one’s demons and making the most of what you have no matter what your challenges are.

George Steeves is a brave, multi-talented performer and a great storyteller with a passion for performing and a wonderful singing voice. It’s too bad American Idol didn’t give him a chance even though he auditioned three times in three different cities –  talk about being motivated!   

I highly recommend seeing this inspiring solo show and checking out George Steeves’ music on iTunes.   

Recommended for audiences 13 and over.  

Written and performed by George Steeves

Produced and directed by Crystal and Penni Wilson

Developed by George Steeves and Marianne Davis Rago