Actor Workout Studio Presents “Park Passages”

The Writers Group at The Actors Workout Studio has put together a fun and entertaining night of one acts!

This small but quaint theatre in the heart of NoHo was the perfect backdrop to showcase six one-act plays all ranging from different subject matters. From secret love affairs to grandparents forced to make life-changing decisions, to two strangers testing their fate before the world ends. It was the ideal balance of comedy and drama. Hats off to the playwrights of each production. They were moving, shocking, funny and relatable. Each story opened on a bench in the charming courtyard of a park.

The show kicks off with two strangers who have a chance encounter at a cemetery. Both are visiting their late husbands and spark up a conversation, which leads to unexpected revelations. This dark comedy was brought to life by the playful and witty “southern belle” Carlene, played by Joey Jupiter-Levin, and was well balanced by her reserved and standoffish counterpart Monica, played by Ruth Brandt. Both coming to terms with their lost loves.

Following the first act, is a light-hearted comedy about two friends with opposing beliefs about whether the world is round or flat. Loren, played by Boyana Balta, stands determined to convince Raina, played by Gabrielle Gulledge, that the world is round. Her comedic efforts don’t go unnoticed as she becomes quite scientific in her pursuits.

The third, called “Picking Up the Pieces” was superbly acted by Dolores Aguanno and Gregory Niebel who are torn between choosing to raise their daughter’s baby or walking away and finally enjoying their retirement. The struggle and anguish on the part of both actors were extremely moving.

The next play called “Runyon” was about two brothers testing their faith in one another. One threatening to expose a secret that could destroy the life of the other. Both actors were excellent and did an impressive job of conveying the depth and inner turmoil of their circumstances.

The fifth one takes place in a park and involves a young homeless man who has a surprise encounter with a stranger who wants to feed all of the homeless except him. They’re back and forth banter was hilarious to watch.

The final play, “Bench at The End of the World,” was a humorous tale of a woman desperate to find love before it’s too late. With time running out, she meets an unsuspecting traveler who has to decide if he’s going to spend his last few moments on earth with this quirky stranger.  All of the actors did an impeccable job of giving these character’s depth, range and color. This was definitely an entertaining night at the theatre. Be sure not to miss the show!!


Showcasing the talents of Dolores Aguanno, George Ayvazian, Boyana Balta, Ruth Brandt, David D’Amico, Luke Frisbie, Stephanie Gans, Gabrielle Gulledge, Joey JupiterLevin, Monica Mauro, Gregory Niebel, Mark Stancato and Alec Zbornak.

Directed by Conrad Dunn, Wendy Goodman Thum, Daniel Lynch, Roxanne MacManus, Bradley Rhone and Daniel B. Weisman

Written by Wendy Goodman Thum, Roxanne MacManus, Stephen Olson, Bradley Rhone, Paul Surace and Daniel B. Weisman Review written by Elisa Hoyos

Running July 19 to August 3, Friday and Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 7 PM (no show on August 4)

Executive producer by Fran Montano

Produced by Stacy Ann Raposa

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.