Acidic Base “Purple Skies”

Acidic Base is the producing name for Siddharth Goswami who is in 8th grade.

Yes, 8th grade, so he’s 12…think about that.  Musical genius usually appears early on and for Siddharth Goswami it was at the age of 6 when he first began piano lessons.  By now he plays several instruments of course, but instead or heading in the purely classical direction, Siddharth developed a love for modern electronic house, which is what this album is brimming with.

Sweet spiraling sounds, evocative, redolent, spacious and heady.  This album is the beginning of Siddharth’s musical journey and he has thankfully chosen to share his development with the world.

I hear deadmau5 and Eric Prydz, his obvious inspirations. There’s a lovely bit of Giorgio Moroder and Vangelis in here too…movie sounds tracks to come?  But there is also a lot of classical influence in the phrasing and progression as well as in the repeated and quite beautiful themes.  “Purple Skies” feels as if we are soaring through the clouds and heading out into the ether.  It’s music for space travel really, simple and soft, but also urgent and rhythmic.

He uses a mixture of sounds, organic as well as electronic, real as well as manufactured, which gives it a life beyond the keyboard, beyond the computer.  I also appreciate the space between the notes, the honor he gives the sounds he uses, letting them echo and vibrate, existing on their own in a pure and tingling way.  Perhaps this is his youth demanding recognition as an individual, or perhaps he is just able to get out of his own way more than his adult equivalent. Whatever it is it works for me!!

Acidic Base’s “Purple Skies” is an electric dream within a dream…keep it coming Siddharth!  Loved it!!

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Siddharth Goswami: Music Composition and production


  1. Hi Siddharth,
    Wow, what a great piece of imagination! It was the first time that I ever listened to any such composition and I was so happy I did.
    Having seen you from your younger days, I am sure you will do more, creative, so original, your own that stands out! Well done and keep coming!

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