Accessorizing Your Wedding Look: Veils And Beyond

Accessorizing Your Wedding Look: Veils And Beyond

Let’s be honest, most brides spend a lifetime daydreaming about their wedding day. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and the energy and resources poured into making it perfect speaks volumes about its importance.

It’s the one day where all eyes are on you, and you want to feel like the most radiant version of yourself! One key element that elevates your bridal look from beautiful to unforgettable? The perfect accessories! While the dress is undeniably the centerpiece, the right accessories can truly transform your entire ensemble. In the U.S. alone, brides pay between USD$1,800 and USD$2,400 for a wedding dress, so it makes sense to invest some time and thought into completing the look. (1)

Read on as we explore ways to best accessorize your wedding look.

Choosing the Right Veil

Veils are one of the major bridal accessories that make a wedding classic and elegant. To start, you need the right veil length and style to look fantastic. Popular options include plain, satin, and floral veils. You can read more on veil styles to help you make the right choice.

Regarding length, you can go for floor-length cathedral veils or short blushers. It all depends on what makes you tick. Shorter veils might be ideal for a vintage theme. On the other hand, longer veils are more classic. You can also explore embroidered veils if you are into art. When well done, embroidered veils are pretty ravishing, captivating onlookers’ attention.

Cost-wise, a wedding veil varies widely depending on factors such as the quality of materials, length, style, designer brand, and where you purchase it. On average, however, wedding veils can range anywhere from $50 to $500 or more.

Going for Stylish and Comfortable Shoes

Your wedding shoes – they’ll carry you down the aisle, through celebratory dances, and maybe even on a late-night adventure with your new spouse! So, while you definitely want a pair that complements your dress and radiates elegance (think sparkling embellishments or delicate embroidery!), prioritizing comfort is equally important.

You see, weddings are full of activities. And it sometimes stretches to hours. You wouldn’t want to strain your legs. The wedding location and terrain can also dictate the kind of shoes you wear. For example, if it’s a garden wedding, blocked heels would be appropriate compared to stilettos, which will most often sink into the ground.

Choose Your Jewelry Well 

Humans have worn jewelry for thousands of years; it’s among the most ancient and never-dying forms of personal expression. This captivating tradition shows no signs of fading! In fact, the global jewelry market is projected to grow from a staggering $270 billion in 2022 to over $330 billion by 2026. (2)

Jewelry adds the finishing touch of elegance and sparkle to your wedding look. But with so many dazzling options, how do you choose the perfect pieces? The key lies in creating a harmonious balance with your wedding dress.

Start by considering your dress’s neckline. A high-neckline dress pairs beautifully with a delicate pendant, adding sophistication without overwhelming the overall look. Strapless dresses, on the other hand, provide a blank canvas for bolder jewelry. You can explore statement necklaces or earrings to fill the space and draw the eye upwards.

Jewelry should also complement your dress’s color and the metals used in its embellishments. If your dress features silver accents, opt for silver jewelry rather than gold to create a unified look. This harmonious approach ensures all elements work together seamlessly. And finally, for a touch of vintage or bohemian flair, consider layering chains of varying lengths. This creates a unique and personalized touch, reflecting your own style.

Consider Bridal Gloves

For a traditional vibe, why not consider a pair of gloves? Gloves come in an array of sizes and styles. For example, if you want a retro-inspired style, you can settle for satin gloves or short-laced ones. They reach just above the wrist, adding elegance.

For timeless sophistication, consider long gloves that reach the elbows. They complement sleeveless wedding dresses, giving them a classy look. Material choices are plenty, too, from luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk to delicate options like lace or tulle. And for the color? White is perfect. 

Gloves are also a way to keep the cold away, especially when holding the wedding outdoors. As outdoor ceremonies continue to surge in popularity (over 62% in 2020, up from 57% in 2019), gloves offer a stylish and practical solution. They keep your hands warm without sacrificing elegance, ensuring you stay comfortable and radiant even if the weather takes a turn for the chilly. (3)

Wear the Right Headpiece

Beyond the gown, a bride’s headpiece is a key element that elevates her entire look. Bridal crowns, for example, look stunning when worn with all kinds of dress styles and hair, even when worn down. Another headpiece is a bridal band; this is perfect if you want something more subtle than a crown but still adds sparkle to the wedding gown. It also looks great with all dress designs.

But while the classic, symmetrical headpieces worn around the front of the head are always a stunning choice, especially for photos, don’t feel limited by tradition! Ultimately, the perfect headpiece is the one that speaks to your unique style and makes you feel radiant on your wedding day.

Wrap Up

Accessorizing is a great way to elevate your wedding look. So, select pieces that complement both the gown’s style and your unique personality. Remember, your wedding day is a celebration of your love story, and your accessories should reflect the radiant and authentic you


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