A Room with a View – Before & After

A few years ago I was contracted to work on a house in the hills. The residence hadn’t been touched in over 20 years and with that came all the usual suspects. It was full of the 1990’s design aesthetic; Berber carpet, a mauve and sea foam color palette along with travertine furnishings. I knew I had my work cut out for me. It was a challenge.


However, the most challenging was the family room with the corner fireplace wall. For the client it presented spacial issues. She wasn’t able to see any other way except placing the furniture along the wall.

I was met with great skepticism when I decided to use the angle of the fireplace wall as the inspiration for the furniture placement.

We had the television and speakers mounted above the fireplace to not only save space but to create a cohesive feel in the room.

The wall was covered in the same material as the neighboring kitchen cabinetry. The placement also allowed the view to shine through. The canyon, Westside and ocean views are spectacular. Once installation day was here I asked the client to leave for a bit.

I wanted to place all the custom furniture on the angle that I knew was perfect. And it was.

I was able to create an intimate seating area conducive for conversation and TV viewing.