A Chat with Riker Lynch of R5

We had the chance to ask some questions of actor/musician/songwriter Riker Lynch.

Riker has been singing and performing since the age of three and was originally cast in Hollywood as one of the members of the Warblers, the a cappella group featured in “GLEE.” He more recently was the second place runner up on Season 20 of “Dancing With The Stars” and is also starring in two soon to be released films, “Colossal Youth” and “Voyeur.”

Riker is currently one of the singers and the bassist in the Hollywood Records recording act R5. R5 has toured extensively throughout the world, playing more than 150 shows in the last two years to sold out audiences, including the Los Angeles Greek Theatre.

You can catch this multitalented young man on stage as the host of the 2016 World Choreography Awards on October 24 – the annual award show celebrating and honoring the best in media choreography.

“We are thrilled to have Riker Lynch joining us as host again this year,” says producer Allen Walls.

The World Choreography Awards recognizes choreographic achievement in Motion Picture, Music Video, Commercials, Television Episodic, Television Award Show / Special, Live Stage Performance, Digital Content, Digital Content Independent and Television Reality Show / Competition. The film world has “The Oscar,” the television world has “The Emmy,” the stage world has the “The Tony,” and now the dance world has, ”The Choreo.” They’ll also have performances by the world’s top choreographers and dancers.

We really enjoyed seeing you as MC last year at World Choreography Awards.

– Thank you! I met Allen through another producer of the World Choreography Awards, Cheryl Baxter. Cheryl suggested I host the show so I had a meeting with her and that’s where I met Allen.

The World Choreography Awards are important because it shines a light on choreography and dance which is an art form that is under appreciated. It’s a lot more difficult than people realize and the WCA gives credit to the choreographers that make it all happen.

What was your favorite moment on Season 2015 of “Dancing with the Stars?”

– Hands down my favorite moment was getting to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow for the Paso. And then to dance to the Pirates of the Caribbean song, it was so fun. I’m a pretty big Pirates fan, I love all those movies so that moment was one I’ll never forget.


You also played Jeff on the TV show “GLEE” and of course you are a member of R5. If you had to choose one thing would you act, dance or be in a band?

– If I had to choose one, I would pick the band. But thankfully I don’t have to pick just one and I was able to film two movies this summer while R5 took a little break. We are back now though, about to start recording our third album.

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What band inspired R5’s music?

– Through the years it’s been a lot of different things. My parents played music all the time in the house growing up, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, Journey, Genesis, The Beatles. From that we discovered other bands like Led Zeppelin, The Killers, All American Rejects, Fall Out Boy. And then we had stories from traveling the world and living in LA in our own house, just the five of us going out at night and making great memories. Now after touring the world for 10 months playing our second album, Sometime Last Night, we have more stories and memories to share for the next album.

What’s your next tour? Next Album? Where will R5 be in five years?

– Sometime in 2017 will be another album and another tour. In five years, I bet we’re on tour somewhere. One of us will probably be married (laughs) maybe even have a kid.

Don’t miss Riker Lynch at the 2016 World Choreography Awards on Monday, October 24.

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Lisa Bianconi
Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com


  1. Riker although paresca the world ends, please do not separate from the know band, you gave me an example, it was you who helped me move forward not give up even if challenges exist in life, Riker, though paresca the world collapses around you but you know accounts with 4 friends who never left you were always next to you in good times and bad, 4 friends who grew up with you and knew how to get up with your help and with the help of them these friends do not compare to anything. R5 created something, because they are five friends who will always be in my heart, you taught me all that and now all I want to say is thank you for everything.
    Thank you for teaching me up every time I fell, I love them and before they decide to separate only take into account the millions of hearts that break if they do that.
    Just look at all your fans, they love them so son.Ustedes are unique, they do not give up and move on, because the obstacles are overcome with the help of a friend.

  2. Everytime each of the members of the band does an interview if that includes themselves or the whole band or two (whichever) any of them do a fantastic job. So nice how they all love being in the band and are making their careers grow into something great.

  3. @Valery Peyton Valenzuela
    Honey, he said he will probably be on a tour only likely will have children and he did not say that the band would end, if you were a fan even know that r5 not will end in five years they are strong and speaks seriously dear, you overdid it with this ridiculous text, until it was beautiful their demonstration of love for r5 more was ridiculous talk that Riker can not leave because they lived with them all his life, he would leave the sad fans and such, if he needs
    , You need even he will need to leave the far right! and touches that r5 is seven years old and speaks seriously! will not stop you is dumb so yeah!