8 Tips To Create Your Own Instagram Mask

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram attracts billions of users from all over the world to post all types of content every day and promote their business or personal achievements.

The versatility and quality of content are of paramount importance for the number of followers and their engagement with your posts.

There are simple ways to get Instagram followers; one of those ways is to buy a certain number from an online agency. Nevertheless, your dedication and creativity will always be your primary weapons as they allow you to offer uniqueness and build authenticity as a brand feature.

Nowadays, Instagram masks are a popular feature that people mainly use in their Stories. Funny, viral, and engaging, covers allow us to advertise our brand and raise interest in our future projects simply by giving the people something to have fun with. If you’re thinking about creating a mask that will help your brand growth, here are eight simple tips that should get you on the right track.

Get the right software

The advent of Augmented Reality gave birth to a series of simple software tools that we can use to create all sorts of interesting digital content that interacts with real-life objects. One of the most popular options is SparkAR Studio is a specialized piece of software built by Facebook developers that allows regular users to create their own mask design seamlessly.

SparkAR Studio is free and easy to install, equipped with all the necessary tools to create your own mask. You can download the installation app from Facebook; all you need is an active account.

Learn from the best

It’s not easy designing your own mask, especially if you didn’t have any previous experience with this type of content. Therefore, it’s best if you take some time and see how the professionals are creating their design. This way, you can learn some nice tricks that later will allow you to develop unique Instagram masks that people would be happy to use in their posts.

Numerous YouTube videos show how to use a piece of software best, overcome design issues, and a series of other tips and tricks you’d otherwise need to figure out on your own. Estefannie Explains It All recently uploaded an amazing video that shows how to make a mask in 10 minutes. It’s a short clip that’s focused on basic steps, which makes it perfect for users without a tech background.

Plan your design carefully

If you’re promoting a business, you should understand that simply making a mask out of your brand logo won’t be quite enough because people aren’t eager to put your insignia on their face, unless it’s a world-known logo. Try to come up with a design solution that reflects your brand culture, goals, or otherwise could be associated with your company identity.

Since statistics show that younger demographics mainly use Instagram stories, create a survey, and find out what the young generation finds interesting about your business. This could be a great source of ideas for design because you’ll know in which direction you need to go.

Use your products for inspiration

Let’s say you’re selling custom sunglasses, and you want to use masks to increase your sales, which is an amazing business plan. You can use product images and create masks that will allow your followers to try on your products and share their photos or videos with friends.

This applies to any type of product or service; it takes just a bit of imagination and knowing your audience.

Test before you publish

You don’t want to create a mask that doesn’t work properly because people will avoid it, no matter how fascinating your design could be. Test your design with friends or coworkers to see if there are any issues with different ethnicities, shapes, sizes, or movements.

You want to publish a fully functioning mask that will work great anywhere and anytime, no matter who’s using it. Many masks look great in the daylight, but in a dark environment simply make no sense.

Follow the guidelines

Before your mask could be made available for users, it needs to be verified, which is a process that could take a few days. SparkAR Studio will upload your content as soon as it checks that your mask design is not breaking any of their parameters.

The guidelines are mainly focused on preventing people from publishing offensive or inappropriate content, which means you’ll probably have all of your masks published just as long as you’re not trying to promote violence, pornography, or hate.

Leverage holidays seasons and special events

If you take on mask design as a regular marketing strategy, you should keep in mind national holidays as well as globally celebrated events. Statistics show that people used masks in their Stories during the Christmas period and Valentine Day’s in much higher volume than regular filters or non-filtered images and videos.

The same goes for popular sports events like the FIFA World Cup, NFL Super Bowl, or Olympics.

Check out the competition

When in pursuit of fresh ideas, we should always check out what our more successful competitors are doing. See which types of masks are best received among the audience to generate your creative ideas and produce a mask that your followers would be interested in. However, no matter how appealing it might seem, don’t just copy/paste other people’s ideas; provide your own take on competitors’ solution.


Thanks to advanced software solutions, we don’t need to be design experts to create amazing Instagram masks. However, the tips we provided should let you in on some of the most important elements of the mask development process. Us these pieces of advice to create engaging and interesting content that will both amuse your followers and promote your brand, allowing you to reach more people and expand your market influence.