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7 Timeless Self-Care Hair Products for Taming Your Mane

Controlling excess frizz, especially in the wintertime, is a constant struggle. Frizz doesn’t seem to care who you are, what you do, or how much you wish on a star: it’ll keep doing its thing. When it comes to taming your mane, the proper hair care matters, but that isn’t just limited to your shampoo and conditioner. These 7 products will do the trick, even on your worst hair days. 

1. Hair Balms

Hair balms have a universal use and are exceptional at controlling frizz, especially on curly hair. It hydrates, softens, and smooths but also helps to define curls. Afro curls are a good pair for hair balms because it cuts down the ends without sacrificing volume. Most hair balms are usable on unruly, coarse, or treated hair and can be applied on wet or dry hair. Find a hair balm full of natural ingredients, like Aesop’s skincare products. 

2. Use a Diffuser Instead of a Blow Dryer

Heat can lead to severe hair damage, but it’s hard to resist the allure of the hair dryer or straightener when you’re in a rush. While diffusers do use heat to dry your hair, it limits how much direct heat reaches the inner follicles. Diffusers also prevent hair from moving around and flying everywhere, which creates less fizz and more unruly volume. If you have curly hair, you should use nothing else, but diffusers can also work on all hair types.

3. Leave-in Conditioner

Leave in conditioners work similarly to a regular conditioner, except you, well, leave it in! The best leave-in conditioner comes in a misting bottle because it helps you use as little like the product as possible, which helps with not weighing down your hair. A quick spritz will detangle, condition, and ward off flyaways and frizz. Once your hair dries, you should be left with a mane that’s shinier and smoother regardless of hair type but works excellent with bouncy curls.

4. Anti-Humidity Oil

Humidity is a death sentence for almost all hair types but even worse for curly and coily hair. You can style your hair for hours, but once you hit the summer air, your mane will suddenly have a mind of its own! Don’t give up just yet; try an anti-humidity product filled with castor oil. Its heat-protectant and frizz-controlling elements will often last hours, depending on the product, and works perfectly for any wet climates to manage frizz-prone locks. 

5. Anti-Static Spray

If humidity isn’t the case of your Medusa-like locks, then static will probably be your enemy. Multiple hair types can start standing up due to a dry climate, and sometimes your shampoo and conditioner won’t be enough to tackle desert-like temperatures. Reach for the anti-static spray for its multiple added benefits like vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients. Sprays are the perfect way to administer anti-static sprays because they also provide extra moisture. 

6. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase provides more benefits than preventing frizzy hair; they can also prevent wrinkles, keep your skin hydrated and help maintain your healthy locks. Cotton absorbs moisture from the air, but silk keeps the hydration right where it belongs. Silk’s super smooth texture will help your hair glide over the pillowcase, which will reduce friction, leading to fewer mornings with messy, tangled bed head. On top of that, silk can help manage acne!

7. Hydration Serums

Serums are typically a jelly-like substance that can go directly onto your hair and scalp. Serums provide many benefits thanks to their blends of hydrating ingredients like almond oil, aloe vera, and marshmallow root extract. While not all serums will contain those ingredients, they will all boost shine and hydration and add definition to your curls – without giving the hair a ramen noodle appearance. Serums are usually really cheap in comparison to other anti-frizz products.